Pepto Pink

I’m back from vacation in Italy, 19 days filled with new sights and experiences. I’d post a picture or two expcept I can’t get them off of my camera, something about the SD being too big with too many files so I’ll save that for another time.

I came back home sick so for the first four days lay around in bed with a fever and cough. The fever is gone, the cough remains and I have some nasty issues with my ears and vertigo. Hopefully that will disappear soon but so far I haven’t really done much of anything around the house but I did manage to fill the second bobbin with a pink/green single this week and managed to finish plying the two bobbins worth together to get about 178 grams worth of yarn.

Of course the progress pictures are on the other camera that I can’t get the photos off of it but I did take one picture of the finished layer cakes so here they are as proof so to speak.

white shetland and pink green romney
This is an example of the coloured batts I used.

Handspun october 2013 pink green white
Finished yarn. White Shetland base with some coloured Romney in it. Not sure of the yardage or the weight of the yarn but I’d use it as maybe a double-knitting weight? The idea was to make Charlie a little sweater out of it but I’m not sure how much yardage there is as I couldn’t be bothered to count it on the niddy-noddy. I really need to buy a yarn yardage meter I guess.

The interesting thing about the yarn was that after I’d plied it I really didn’t like it. In my mind I was calling it “pink barf”. After I soaked the yarn to set it a lot of the pink dye came out of the fibre and suddenly the yarn looked better/pinker so I upgraded it from “pink barf” to “pepto pink” in honour of Pepto Bismol the stuff you take for upset stomachs.

I’m not sure what I’ll knit out of the yarn but someone suggested a cowl and that strikes me as being a good idea.


One response to “Pepto Pink

  1. Welcome home. Sorry to hear you are feeling off and I hope by the time you read this you are on the mend. Love the pink wool too -very girly.

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