Wilton’s Purple.

After much angsting over the whole process I finally finished spinning up the purple fibre I’d dyed with the Wilton’s purple food colouring. I have to admit that while I was spinning up the singles all I could think of was “Am I over-plying the singles?” Sometimes they seemed okay at other times I’d get into a real groove and realize I was whipping along with the wheel and then they seemed to tight.

closeup wilton purple singles
Bobbin of single-plied BFL.

I thought okay tight is good and I’ll ply the singles tighter than I normally do and it’ll balance out. Well needless to say I over-plied the singles so that yarn coming off of the bobbin was really twisty. Thank goodness for Ravelry and the members there. One lady suggested that I spin the yarn back off of the one bobbin onto an empty bobbin counter-spinning but with a fast uptake. This would have the effect of taking off some of the twist so that’s what I ended up doing. The yarn was still over-spun but not as badly.

I then proceeded to do the washout. This involves letting the yarn sit in a sink full of hot water and wool wash. The idea is the fibres relax a bit. After doing this the skein didn’t look too bad but there were still a lot of kinked areas so I proceeded to thwack the yarn. I’d seen a video of this on youtube and at the time thought it looked like great fun. I asked a question about thwacking on Ravelry and got directed to a discussion about the process. Generally it’s thought that thwacking doesn’t do much for the yarn if it’s a worsted yarn, however given how I was feeling at that point thwacking seemed like a great idea.

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to beat the crap out of that hank of yarn, lol. All the frustrations of not knowing whether or not I was over-spinning or over-plying the yarn came out with a thwack, thwack…bad yarn…thwack, thwack, thwack. Don’t know if it helped the yarn but it certainly helped my sanity, thwack!

A few kinks left in the yarn, so I thought about it and decided to re-skein the yarn. The problem is I have a small niddy noddy. At the time it seemed like a good idea but the problem is the niddy noddy is really too small to skein up a 100 grams of fibre. I took two chairs and rewound the yarn around them, old-fashioned but it works.

yarn stretched on chairs
Yarn plus various junk on the floor. If you have a keen eye you’ll notice the luscious fibre from Jamieson and Smith (dog brush for carding on top) and some spinning books from the library along with a new girly-girl knapsack I picked up at Costco for $10.

Rewinding the yarn seems to have really worked and I ended up with a decent looking hank of fibre.

Wilton’s Purple.


One response to “Wilton’s Purple.

  1. It was well and truly worth all that effort. The yarn is gorgeous!!!!!

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