Ice Storm 2013

It rained yesterday overnight so the result looked like this and we woke up to no power.

close up iced branchesa

ice storm 2013a

iced trees fronta

icy screena

Hopefully the ice will melt somewhat today because it’s supposed to get down to -17 C in a couple of days and I’m afraid that if we get wind there are going to be a lot of damaged trees. Several of our trees have branches down already.


4 responses to “Ice Storm 2013

  1. Wooow! Beautiful photos, but how annoying! The weather last night was dreadful here. I woke up at 6am with hail lashing at the windows and the wind making an awful racket! I actually had to get up and check that our chicken house was still outside where it should be. (Thankfully it was fine!) Hope your ice has all gone now 🙂

    • Still have the ice, hoping some of it will melt before it gets colder. I’m afraid for the trees if they are still heavily iced and a wind comes up. Already have one big branch off of the maple in the backyard. The ice does look pretty though. Hope your weather gets better for you as well.

  2. I hope all is well. The Canadian weather has been shown on our national news and it didn’t look good. Stay safe and warm. Can send you some hot weather if you would like….lol. Enjoy your Christmas.

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