More Navaho-ply.

Well I finally had a go at dyeing up some wool using one of the Easter egg kits I got on sale last year. I think I ended up paying 25 cents or something like that. LOL, it’s taken me that long to get up the nerve to use the dye.

I pre-soaked the wool top in some water that had a bit of vinegar added to it, I’d tell you the amount but it was more like a glug. I let that soak for about 30 minutes then added the wool to a pot and put it on the stove to simmer. When the wool was steaming I and the two grandsons added the dye tablets to the wool along with a couple more tablespoons of vinegar. I let the wool steam away until all the dye was taken up, then let it cool and rinsed it out.

Shetland roving dyed with Paas Easter egg dyes.

Here are a few pictures of the wool being spun and a picture of a Berkley’s fish line counter that I jury rigged to the base of a candle stand. I ran the yarn through this as I was winding it into a yarn cake. The cake was a bit too firm so I rewound the yarn but the counter did the trick and it only cost $13.99 at the outdoor store.

Easter egg skein
Single on spinning wheel bobbin.

Berkley line counter
Berkley fishing line counter clamped to candle base.

Easter skein on black
Skein on black background.

Easter egg cake
Wool wound into a yarn cake.

Here’s another little item I picked up from the thrift shop, it’s a sock loom with dvd and book. I don’t need a loom to make socks in fact I can knit faster than using this loom but it struck my fancy to give it a go. I guess I was reminiscing about the little wooden cork tool that I used as a kid to make those circular tubes of wool that then got sewn into placemats.

Sock loom
KB Sock loom.

As I expected it’s easier for me to knit socks but it’s been interesting to try this out and if you can’t knit then it’s an alternative.


2 responses to “More Navaho-ply.

  1. What beautiful colours. They look like they would knit up beautifully. I can’t wait to see what you will make out of it. I love the Easter Egg dyes. I shall have to look and see if we get any in our local HobbyCraft store.
    That sock loom looks super. What a great find! I’ve been looking for one of those Hazel Rose looms but I can’t find them anywhere for a price I can afford, grr! Kais x

  2. I’m thinking of using the skein in a hat pattern and having a solid to contrast with it but that’ll be a project for next winter. I managed to get the sock loom and book for $5 (about 2.75 pounds) at the thrift store.

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