Ashford Mill Ends

In the midst of washing fleece a couple of weeks ago I ran out of Power Scour so had to order some more from the Fibre Garden. I don’t like paying money for shipping so I’m always trying to fit in a little extra to make use of the shipping costs. I also ordered a brass diz and then in a reckless mood of abandonment ordered a 1 kg bag of Ashford mill ends as well. I thought I could use it in making wool batts.

I did get a mix of fibres but not as many different coloured bits as I thought I would but still nice. I tried looking on the Internet to see if anyone had written about one of these bags but couldn’t find anything so I thought I’d post a few pictures (more than a few) to give someone else an idea of what’s in one of these bags. Each bag is different here is what I got in mine.

Ashford mill ends bag front
Bag front.

Ashford mill ends bag back
Back of the bag tells you that you might get corridale, merino, merino/silk, polwarth.

mill ends
Mill ends all in a pile.

Ashford corridale blue
Corridale, Blue (I’d call it royal blue).

Ashford corridale blueberry pie
Corridale, Blueberry Pie.

Ashford corridale honey
Corridale, Honey.

Ashford corridale indigo
Corridale, Indigo (looks black unless you hold it up to the light and then you can see the blue.)

Ashford corridale pansy
Corridale, Pansy.

Ashford corridale spearmint
Corridale, Spearmint.

Ashford corridale stripey Winter Nights
Corridale Stripey in the Winter Nights colourway.

Ashford corridale white pencil roving
Corridale pencil roving, white.

Ashford corridale white
Corridale, white.

Ashford medium natural fine merino
Extra-fine Merino, Medium Natural – this is the same colour as the other medium natural but much much softer and the other is very soft.

Ashford merino aubergine
Merino, aubergine.

Ashford merino dark natural
Merino, Dark Natural.

Ashford merino grey
Merino grey.

Ashford merino medium natural
Merino, Medium Natural.

Ashford pencil roving toffee or nutmeg
Corridale pencil roving, Nutmeg or Toffee colour.

Ashford scarlett pencil roving maybe merino
Merino pencil roving, Scarlet.

Ashford turquoise pencil roving corridale
Corridale pencil roving, Turquoise.

Ashford merino silk damson
Merino/silk, Damson.

Ashford merino silk, Cinnamon
Merino/silk, Cinnamon.

Ashford merino silk hank - cinnamon
Merino/silk, Cinnamon – 26 grams and 85 yards.

ashford mill end peppercorns
Merino/silk, Peppercorn.

merino/silk, Peppercorn – 54 grams and 164 yards.

Our spinning group on Ravelry had a silk challenge this month so the above spun hanks were a result of my spin along (SAL). I learned to spin from the fold – I took a 4-inch piece of roving and folded it over my index finger and spun from that. I really liked how the fibre unfolded and spun off the finger. I’m going to try this method when it comes to spinning up the locks of the grey BL x Wensley I just washed.

I’m not sure which fibre is which but the little coloured bits were the coarsest and the naturals were nice and soft so I’m just guessing those were merino. There were two pieces of roving in the medium natural colour that looked identical but felt different one being much softer than the other, don’t know what that was and of course I could be totally wrong about which fibres were merino but I did look up the colours online so at least they should be right.


4 responses to “Ashford Mill Ends

  1. Oooh they look nice! Can you spin the pencil roving or would you knit with it like that? I’m off to look at Fibre Garden now 😀

  2. That was quick, lol I’m still editing. The guy at Fibre Garden said he thought that the pencil rovings were used for making wool colour cards. In my opinion the roving is too thick to be knit and there isn’t enough to make something even if you did. I was just thinking of using it for a splash of colour in making a wool batt.

  3. You are such a wool geek!! The mixed bag looks amazing – but all the blues are my favourite ❤ – the Smalls and I went to craft fair a week or two ago, and they had wool like this – and mixes of possum/silk/merino… so sublime. This stuff is all light years ahead of me finding odd balls of wool in op-shops…

    • I’ve found some really good deals in the op-shops no doubt about it. The mixes of possum/silk/merino do sound heavenly but I’m guessing so were the prices. A sweater can get quite expensive if you go for the really nice stuff but I guess it’s all how you look at it. Personally I’m always looking for nice but not expensive. Some would say that if you’re going to invest the time and effort why not use the good stuff but others just like to knit for the relaxation and joy of it so don’t care what they use as long as they’re knitting.

      You should see if the smalls like felting. There’s little bitty creatures you can make by felting and it would only take small bits of wool fluff for them to try. They could also make pictures out of wool felting, might be fun.

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