Looking back through my blog I realize time has once again slipped away from me and there has been stuff that I could have blogged about but didn’t so I think I’ll just put up a slew of photos and leave it at that. I think most people just look at the pictures anyway without reading so here I go…

Northern Lights silk merino
Merino silk skein, “Northern Lights”

northern lights 2nd skein
Second skein on homemade niddy noddy.

pumpkin patch on bobbin
Wool fibre mixture given as a Christmas exchange gift.

pumpkin patch
Spun yarn my first attempt at an art yarn spinning from locks that were a curly mass.

knitted tie-dye baby hat
Baby hat made with rainbow coloured homespun.

kobo cover
Kobo cover made with the same yarn.

Annual fly-by of the Snowbird jets over Captain Michael VandenBos public school.

Sis's fleece - 2 ply
Skein of yarn from Sis’s fleece the difference between this one and the previous skeins is that this one is from the finer blanket fleece.

purple yarn samplers
Couple of yarn samples of some ashford bay mill ends. I took the coloured fibre (purple, orange, green, light purple, pink and yellow) and layered it on my wool combs as I don’t have a wool hackle. I pulled the wool off using a diz into a length of roving. With the remainder of short fibres on the comb I blended them on my drum carder. The darker purple skein is the blended fibre off of the drum carder.

ashford mill ends dizzed off of wool comb
Dizzed off roving showing colours.

drum carded ashford mill ends
Drum-carded shorter fibres.

green smoothie
And for some fun this was a kale, peach, yogurt and protein powder smoothie.

kale peach smoothie

kidney beans
Kidney beans grown in my garden this summer about 3 pounds and 4 ounces worth. They took up about a sixth of my garden and close as I can estimate would have cost me a whopping $5 at the grocery store – not a cash crop for sure but fun to grown and little work.


2 responses to “Stuff…

  1. I LOVE your Northern Lights skein, what stunning colours, and so even! Your rainbow baby hat is so cute! I need to get some of my handspun out and start doing something with it. Just need to remember where I have put it all… My Bliss is 200 miles away in Worcester at the moment, and I miss her loads! Great post and I always read them, I don’t always just look at the pictures :p

  2. Thanks Kais, the time has flown by for sure. I’ve been checking out your blog as well but somehow the last couple have slipped by me so I’m heading on over to have a good read after typing this 🙂

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