Apple season.

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks and part of that has been doing a lot of drying and canning. I thought I would post a few pictures of some of the jars of preserves that I have been making.

First we start with the apples.
C-grade apples

This was a bag of C-grade Macintosh apples from the farmer’s market.

Then I cut the apples and cooked them in a huge stock pot, I lost that picture it’s in the files somewhere, oh well. Then I took the apples and using my Kitchen Aid strainer attachment I ran the apples through the sieve. The strained pulp comes out into one bowl and the seeds, skin and core gets pooped out the other end into the kitchen sink or you could use another bowl.
straining applesauce with kitchen aid

waste apple parts
Waste apple parts.

Strained applesauce.

canning jars
Here’s a variety of canning jars I bought.

applesauce pressure canned
The finished applesauce, in this case I used a pressure canner and you can see some of the applesauce clinging to the top of the lids inside the jars. The two batches of applesauce I did in the waterbath canner didn’t have this problem so next time I’ll just use the waterbath canner.

This is some apple butter that I made. Apple butter is just applesauce that has some sugar and spices added to it and you cook the applesauce down until it is thick. I learned online about a trick where you cook the applesauce in a crockpot and that way you don’t have to worry about the applesauce burning overnight while you’re in bed sleeping 🙂

applebutter closeup
Close-up of the apple butter, it turns brown from the sugars and spices in it.

Here is a picture of some fresh kale from the garden.
fresh kale

A couple of photos of kale and beets from the garden and then a last picture showing the apple butter on the breakfast sausages, yummy!
kale beets breakfast sausage patties

kale breakfast patties with applebutter


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