Road trip to the Woodstock Fibre Festival

I’m a bit behind in blog posts, this post is about the road trip we took to see the Woodstock Fibre Festival that was held on October 18th, 2014 of this year. The festival as far as I know is held in October every year. I’m just going to photo bomb so people can have a look and see what the festival is all about. I didn’t get everything but it does give a taste of the various vendors that were there.

We drove through Toronto on the 401 highway and I started taking photos when I saw the Milton water tower, I have a thing for taking pictures of water towers. Also the day was very overcast so the pictures are a bit dark and fuzzy in spots.

Milton water tower
Milton water tower.

Niagra escarpment on 401
Niagara escarpment.

closeup of niagara escarpment

scenic barn
Scenic barn.


autumn trees
Autumn foliage.

nice tree at Kitchner rest stop
Nice tree at the Kitchener rest stop.

microwave tower
Microwave tower on hill.

cambridge water tower
Cambridge water tower.

Getting near Woodstock
Approaching Woodstock.

Rain on road being picked up by the cars to make it misty.
Rain on road being picked up by cars and creating a fine mist.

Woodstock water tower
Woodstock water tower, sun is coming out.

Rainbow to the promised land
Rainbow to the promised land.

Festival sign
Festival sign.

Spinning wheels
Spinning Wheels.

yarn display
Yarn display.


Fibre Garden
The Fibre Garden

more fibre garden
More Fibre Garden.

The Black Lamb
The Black Lamb.

Hopeful Shetlands
Hopeful Shetlands.

hopeful shetlands rovings
Hopeful Shetland rovings.

Chassagne farm fleeces
Chassagne Farm, fleeces.

spinning wheel in action
Spinning wheel in action.

Wellington fibres
Wellington Fibres.

Wellington Fibre Mill box display
Wellington Fibres box display.

Succumbing to the fibre
Succumbing to the fibre.

Speedy Sheep knitted garments
Speedy Sheep, knitted garment display.

Silk Jewel scarves and yarn
Silk Jewel, scarves and yarn display.

Demoing Navahoe spindle
Navahoe spindle demo.

Gemini Fibres display logo
Gemini Fibres.

Gemini Fibres spindle display
Gemini Fibres spindle display.

in the barn Oxford knitters and spinners loom
In the barn, Oxford Knitters and Spinners display with loom.

young lad demoing lucet braiding
Young lad demoing Lucet braiding.

That’s it hope you enjoyed the show.

2 responses to “Road trip to the Woodstock Fibre Festival

  1. That looks like you had a great time! I can’t wait to go to another fibre festival – Woolfest in 31 weeks and 3 days :p I LOVE looking at pictures of fibre festivals. What did you buy? 🙂

    • I’ll write up a blog showing what I got. I’ve been away the last couple of days looking after my grandsons while their mom was in hospital delivering a new baby sister. Very tiny and oh so cute 🙂

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