Fibre Festival Goodies

Last post I blogged about the Woodstock Fibre Festival that I attended. This post is just a quick one to show off the fibre that I bought while there. The goal was not to buy any fibre and I was doing pretty good up until I hit the Wellington Fibres Mill booth. After buying some fibre boxes I headed back over to the barn and bought a couple of bags from the Shetland Meadows display and then managed to refrain from any further purchases (It helps that I had a full closet at home of fibre).

Festival Loot
Festival Loot.

Blending board baggie
Contents of the blending board bag from Wellington Fibres Mill.

Blending board fibres grab bag on my Hero, shiny stuff in the middle.

wellington fibres grab bag in a batt
Finished batt.

Wellington box
Picture of what the Wellington box looks like on the front.

Wellington Fibre Mill - Berry Punch
Berry Punch, alpaca-mohair-wool mixture.

Wellington Fibre Mill - Highland Greens
Highland Greens, mohair-wool mix.

Wellington Fibre Mill - Mystery Rovings
Mystery rovings, not sure of the mix but wool with something in it, pinkish-brown hues. The mystery roving was cheaper because well it was a mystery, still really nice roving.

highland green single
This is a picture of the Highland Green roving on my bobbin. I have more spun up than this but I’ve had to take a break from elbow/tendonitis issues. I’m working on the second bobbin but not quickly but the yarn should look pretty good once it’s plied as the single is really nice.

Shetland Meadows - mohair wool blend dark grey
Shetland Meadows, mohair-Shetland wool mix, very nice charcoal colour. I can tell this is going to spin up into some really nice yarn as well.

The bonus thing about having the roving in the boxes is that when I’m spinning it the roving flows very freely from the box into my hands so aside from looking cute the boxes do serve a function. They are nice for storing as well.


2 responses to “Fibre Festival Goodies

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of fiber!

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