A Quilt for Charlie.

I finally finished Charlie’s quilt last night. It’s based on the Sisters Forever quilt pattern from Sew Emma by Springs Creative Fabrics. I wanted to keep the pink border from the panel in the quilt since Charlie loves pink so my quilt is bigger and has more snowflakes.

The quilt itself wasn’t that hard to do but the snowflakes were a bit tricky since they were made up of half block triangles. I had some Thangles in my stash from a Value Village buy and so I ended up using those. Another part of the quilt that bothered me was the actual machine quilting because I’d never really done free form quilting aside from a meandering stitch in my quilts. Like most things once I got going on the quilting it wasn’t that scary after all. I followed advice from one of the local quilt shop owners and didn’t quilt the actual faces but I did quilt the rest of the panel. I particularly like the how the hair turned out.

I’ve decided to post several shots of the quilt because I found it really hard surfing the net to see any pictures of how people quilted their Sisters Forever quilts. I’m not saying this is how you should quilt your panel but hopeful it might give a few suggestions.

sisters forever quilt

two sisters


close up of blue dress

close up of cloak

close up of dress


All in all glad to get this one done in time for the party and it’s on to the next quilt.


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