Scraps of Time Quilt.

When my son and his wife got married three years ago I asked her which quilt kit she’d like me to do as a wedding quilt. Needless to say I’m just getting around to starting it. The quilt kit was Scraps of Time by Nancy Rink and the kit was one I bought on sale at Hancock’s of Paducah. I can’t quite remember when I bought the kit but a Google search on Paula Barnes “Reflection of an Era Past” showed the fabric was released May 2010 so I guess it’s safe to say I’ve had this kit sitting in the closet for about 4 years now.

As I was reading the instructions several things struck me as out of place and not right so I did a Google search on the quilt trying to find errata anywhere on the net for the pattern. I did find Nancy Rink’s website but there wasn’t anything up in the Corrections section of her web page. I sent off an email but either it went to her junk mail or she just didn’t have time to answer my questions. So I went through the instructions writing and measuring out things and today I decided to make a test block out of some fabric scraps before I went ahead and cut out all the material. When you wait four years to do a quilt kit odds are pretty good your fabric is no longer available so you want to get it right the first time. Needless to say there was another error in the diagram labeling so I decided to do another web search on this quilt, nothing.

I can’t find where anyone has ever blogged about sewing this quilt. I’m sure there are quilts out there I just don’t see them on the web. This leads me to the next point…what I did find out was that 16 quilts were taken from Nancy Rink’s studio and one of them was this quilt. What usually happens when someone’s quilt get stolen is a call goes out to the quilting world and people keep an eye out for the missing quilts. Now since I’m paranoid to a certain degree and since I normally just blog a finished project, this time I’ve decided to follow the quilting progress so I have a record of making this quilt as the last thing I need is a bunch of quilters pointing a finger at me saying “There, she’s the one who’s got one of your quilts”. As I said I’m a worse case scenario type of individual, besides which showing progress will give me blog fodder for the next month or so.

scraps of time
Instruction pamphlet and my own calculations.

Working on testing the block for Scraps of Time using leftover material from my grandson’s quilt. Might just turn this block into a Tooth Fairy pillow or some such thing to match his quilt.

test block
Finished block.

Next up will be cutting 13 fat quarters and sewing 30 of the above blocks.


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