Mohair Locks & Mystery Yarn

Finally finished up the second skein of mystery yarn from Wellington Fibres Mill. This is some sort of mohair/wool combination I think, I’m not sure what the percentage of mohair to wool is. The yarn doesn’t feel as soft as the 50:50 of the last skeins I spun so I’m thinking it’s more wool. Anyhow…

copper top skein on bobbin
Yarn on Bliss bobbin.

copper top in hand
Another shot for colour

2nd copper top skein
Last skein, 132 grams and 377 yards long. The combined yardage for the 244 grams of roving is 644 yards so I’m thinking of making a wrap/shawl out of it.

Next up I bought some kid mohair locks from the local yarn shop and thought I’d finally try spinning these guys. I already have some mohair locks but this was on sale for $10 so I thought I’d practice on these before spinning the ones I paid more money for. I’m pleased with the way the yarn turned out. I was going to wrap it with some bronze coloured thread but I thought the thread took away from the look so I just left the yarn as a single ply.

green kid mohair on bobbin
This is 94 grams of yarn on my Bliss bobbin. I had no problems with the uptake onto the bobbin.

green kid mohair on niddy noddy
On the niddy noddy.

green kid mohair bouncy before washing
Off the niddy noddy, lots of bounce in the yarn at this point.

green mohair kid skein
Yarn in skein after being washed and left to dry with a towel in one end to take out the twist. Most of the twist had left after soaking the skein in hot water but I didn’t want it to dry and bounce back so added the towel to put some weight on the one end and keep the yarn straight.

I like the yarn it’s pretty but I haven’t a clue what to make out of it.


4 responses to “Mohair Locks & Mystery Yarn

  1. Those are so pretty! Both so evenly spun and looking great! The locks one might be good as a cowl? x

  2. Thanks, the only thing I can think of so far is a cowl or a scarf. I’ll probably just sit on it for now and decide later.

  3. I am looking for yarn like the last picture for art quilting… May I ask if it has a name and do you sell or refer me somewhere please..

    • Hi Polly, I’m not sure it has a special name I just call it kid mohair spun from locks. I don’t sell my yarn but if you Google etsy you should find plenty of art yarn for sale there.

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