Creating colourways in wool.

I’ve taken a break from sewing my quilt and have been having some fun creating hanks of yarn for a hat project. The pattern is Caller Herrin by Kate Davies and is a tam with a seashore/fish scale theme. I’ve always liked the pattern and yarn used for this hat but I’ve never ordered the yarn simply because making the hat would cost me around $80 and I refuse to pay that kind of money for a hat I might only wear occasionally.

I had downloaded some reading material from Interweave press and one of the e-books that I bought was Spinning In Color by Deb Menz. I had a go at creating a skein of yarn following her principles of layering colours in batts and then layering the batts together and then finally z-striping the batts to get the roving.

roving on floor purple yellow teal red honey lime rust medium blue

prism single strand

prism 2 ply

prism close up

Prism skeinPrism skein sunlight

Somehow looking at this skein of yarn I’d created made me flashback to the Virtual yarns used in knitting Caller Herrin and it suddenly occurred to me to try and create my own colour-ways for the hat trying to mimic the colours in the Virtual Yarns. I knew I wouldn’t match the colours but I thought it’d be fun to try so here are a bunch of pictures of the process. I’ve decided to save the yarn for vacation time in January and truth to tell now that I’ve made the yarn the fun has sort of gone out of the process and I’m in no hurry to knit the tam. It’s usually the way it is for me when it comes to colour experiments, it’s more fun making the materials than using them.

There are more than a few different skeins where I’ve tried for a better match so just a heads up at why I’ve got all these different colours that are similar. The wool fiber that I used was from my Ashford Mill Ends bag (previously blogged) and mostly Corriedale.

selkie closeup

solan goose

solon goose closeup

solan goose skeing two rotated

kittywake closeup

shearwater closeup

caller herrin multi-skein shot rotated

pepple beach another shot

pebble beach clone single

pebble beach closeup


summer tide single

summer tide closeup

caller herrin skeings



selkie clone 2 single 1

selkie 2 on niddy noddy

selkie clone 2 closeup

solon goose clone 3

caller herrin skeins

pebble beach clone 2

pebble beach clone 3 closeup

caller herrin skein samples

caller herrin final audition
Choice grouping #1 for hat.

caller herrin final pick
Choice grouping #2 for hat.

This tan roving was another clone but I could tell it wasn’t going to work so I set it aside, this is how it looks spun up.

pebble beach tan and selkie roving

pebble beach 2 closeup


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