More Mystery Fibre

I seem to be in a spinning mood lately and so here is the latest offering. It is another Wellington Fibres Mill’s mystery box. Actually I bought two of these boxes so a total of 500 grams. After running a bit short in the first project I was determined it wasn’t going to happen again but hey who knows as I’m spinning this one thicker so maybe I won’t end up with as much as I want anyhow. I think the idea was to make a sweater but as one of the ladies pointed out in my crafting circle it takes more than 500 grams of bulky yarn to make an adult sweater, doh! This might turn out into a scarf and hat, we’ll see.

blue-green-purple mystery rovings wellington mills
This is what the roving looked like before spinning. I think it’d probably look different if the roving was split into colours and then plied but that’s not the way I did it. I just spun from the roving directly.

mystery fibre on bobbin
Plied yarn on the bobbin.

mystery fibre teal on niddy noddy
Plied yarn on the niddy noddy.

mystery fibre teal
Yarn in a skein (not washed) no flash.

wellington mill mystery fibre teal
Yarn in the same skein taken with a flash exposure.

2 responses to “More Mystery Fibre

  1. You have been busy spinning. Well done. The colours are stunning. Busy in the garden and running after children as always. Hope you are well.

  2. Hi Catherine, I’m fine, it’s been a while. I’ve got six grandkids and another on the way in April. Not only do I have the regular stuff but throw the kids into the mix and there is plenty to do craft-wise. The garden not so much 😦

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