Shells and wool

I’ve been slack in the posting department but we went away on holiday for five weeks during January and February. We rented a couple of weeks on the beach at Sanibel island in Florida. Sanibel is known as one of the top shelling beaches in the world and I’d thought I’d share a picture of the booty I collected; needless to say I have dozens and dozens more shells aside from these.

sanibel shells assorted
Assorted Sanibel shells.

sanibel shells coquina
This is a collection of colourful Coquina shells, they remind me of tiny angel wings.

While I was on vacation I also worked on a table runner and a pair of socks. The table runner is waiting to be quilted and of course the pair of socks are still one sock unfinished. Instead of working on these projects when I got home I started to spin instead and this is what I’ve done so far.

wellington mills fibre green-blue-purple
Five skeins of yarn and two left to be spun of Wellington Fibre Mill’s “Mystery” fibre. These are boxes of fibre usually made up of some ratio of wool to mohair.

blue-green-purple mystery rovings wellington mills
This is how the roving originally looked like before it was spun into the above skeins.

I’m not sure what I’m going to make of the yarn I guess it depends on what the final yardage ends up being. I spun it about a double-knitting to worsted weight yarn. I haven’t washed the fibre yet as I’m waiting to do it all at once. It did occur to me that perhaps some of the dye would wash out of the yarn and I didn’t want to wash the skeins in different batches and then have the dyelots turn out different in each skein because I’d left one skein in longer to soak. The fibre should fluff up some so maybe it’ll be worsted weight when all is said and done.

Tomorrow sees me off with my husband on another five week trip this time to New Zealand and Australia so that should be fun…there is also this certain fibre mill there…enough said the visit to the mill may or may not happen.


4 responses to “Shells and wool

  1. What absolutely stunning shells! I adore shell hunting. We have a nice beach in Ayr where they have the tiniest shells hidden in the shingly patches by the sea. The further towards the sea you go, the bigger they are. Those angel wing ones you found are beautiful. I like your spinning, the colours are very nice. I wish you well in your travels, lucky person! 🙂

  2. Karen! Are you coming to Melbourne? Would love to meet you if things align!
    And those shells are so pretty.

    • Thanks 🙂
      We will be hitting Melbourne but only for a day with the cruise ship. I know my brother wants to go on a tour to see the kangaroos but I’m not sure when that is planned. I’ll mention it to him when I see him next. I think he also has friends he might want to meet up with.

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