More Hedgehogs.

Thought I’d pop up a picture of the latest (and last I hope) of the hedgehogs that I’ve done. I looked on the camera but can’t find the other ones I did. I made a silver tinsel hedgehog for Christmas then made another green and pink tinsel hedgehog from the King Cole yarn (the best yarn in my opinion). I also made a purple hedgehog from fun fur that I had kicking around. Well it’s an endless cycle because once one grandkid had a hedgehog then the others wanted one as well. I’m hoping that this will be the last of them. I still have the two littlest grandchildren without hedgehogs but I’m hoping since they are so young they won’t notice. I’ve got the possum yarn and teddy bear pattern for them I guess that’s next on the list.

Anyhow here are the last two just for fun.
rainbow and blue hedgehog
Hedgehog pattern courtesy of King Cole yarns. The fun fur has been hanging around in my box forever.


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