More Wool

I’m running out of creative titles when it comes to posting about the Ile de France. Not much happening in this post but I did spin up a mini test skein of the Rosewine coloured Ile de France. I also washed another batch of fleece. The difference in washing this time was that I put it outside to soak overnight but then I decided to try and wash the tips. The fleece soaked in cold water and when I went to wash the dirty tips I just dumped what was there and then put in fresh cold water from the hose tap.

Washing out the tips was easier than I expected but it was a time consuming process. The thing that got me was how rough I handled the fleece. I was always under the impression that you were supposed to handle fleece very gently so the stuff doesn’t felt. I know that fleece will felt if you take it from hot water and dump it into cold water and I also know that hot water plus soap plus agitation can felt wool as well. I thought maybe you could felt it in cold water as well but that didn’t happen or at least not with this fleece.

Back to the dirty tips…when washed and dried the tips were cleaner but there was still some staining and I found that the tips were brittle so I’ve been trimming them slightly so I’m thinking taking the time to pre-wash them was a waste of effort. On the whole I’m finding the fleece to be on the tender/brittle side. I think if it was a better quality fleece then pre-washing the tips might be the way to go.

After drying the fleece I sat and picked it apart to get rid of the vegetable matter in the fleece. I have combs and have used them but I wrecked my thumb from doing too much so I decided to pick apart the locks and then toss them onto the drum carder. This worked very well and after four passes on the drum carder I then dizzed off the wool. There is very little vegetable matter in the fleece, my thumb is happy and so am I. It’ll be interesting to see how this roving spins up compared to the combed roving because this roving has lots of shorter fibres in it.

Anyhow here is a picture of the mini-skein and some of the roving I made on the drum carder. The spindle nestled in the roving has some Blue-Faced Leicester on it that I just finished plying.

ile de france single
Rosewine single on bobbin.

wellington fibre mill teal unknown fibre
Skein made of Wellington Fibre Mill’s roving. Part of the spinning I’ve been doing for the Tour de Fleece going on in Ravelry at the moment.

rosewine skein
Mini skein, 18 grams approximately 56 yards.

ile de france fleece 2nd wash
Washed fleece.

Picked fleece locks.

yellow bucket
More picked locks.

Roving made from the picked locks, there is still a lot left to pick and drum card. The nice thing about throwing the locks onto the drum carder is that there isn’t any waste unlike combing the locks. The spindle has some plied BFL on it, it took a long time to ply as it’s very fine. The spinning wheel is definitely quicker but spindling is kind of neat as well.


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