Paua Shell

We went away for the weekend to our friend’s cottage and once again I took my spinning wheel and got in some spinning. The fibre I spun up was some corridale I’d bought from a shop in Auckland while on holiday this past March/April.

Little Wool Co Paua shell corridale fibre
Anna Gratton’s Little Wool Company.

fibre paua shell
Super-wash corridale, colourway Paua Shell.

I decided to spin from the fold to try and preserve the colours in the roving. I haven’t spun from the fold before aside from one attempt to see what it was like, never a project though. I enjoyed the process and it’s easier for me to make a thicker yarn using this method. After spinning two singles I spun them together for a ‘barber pole’ effect.

anna gratton paula shell
Yarn thickness about a double-knit to worsted weight.

corridale paula shell
Closeup of colours.

I’m not sure what I’m going to make with this but I’m leaning strongly towards making a cowl for my granddaughter. The kids are no longer allowed to wear scarves to school but a cowl should be okay. I might make two seeing as how I have four granddaughters, maybe I need to order more fibre to make more stuff since the colours are pretty for little girls.


2 responses to “Paua Shell

  1. I havent been to your blog in an age, you seem to be terribly busy. I wish I was younger and could take up spinning, love to knit, amongst all the other things.

  2. Hi Penny, time does fly doesn’t it, ditto for visiting your blog. I’ve cut way back on computer time and just normally check Ravelry and my mail these days. Summers always seem to be busier and now I have seven grandchildren and they take up a fair bit of time as well. The spinning is fun but it would be hard on your knee. You do lots of other brilliant work 🙂

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