Making Rolags from a wool batt.

This is a picture of some Ile de France fleece that I spun into a 3-ply yarn. I was trying to get a bulky fluffy woolen yarn but ended up with a semi-smooth worsted weight yarn.

3-ply Ile de France.

Trying to think of how I could spin a more fluffy woolen yarn I realized that my fibre prep was wrong. I had used hand combed sliver, which is normally used to make a worsted yarn. So I thought I should try spinning from some rolags. This made me think of two batts I had sitting in the closet for some months so I decided I’d try and make them into rolags using my blending board and this is what I came up with.

Rolags made from drum-carded batts.

Single ply on bobbin.

Single plied with gold thread.

Yarn on niddy noddy.

Skeined yarn.

The batts had bits of stuff like mohair and sari silk added to them so instead of coming out smooth they came out lumpy and I realized I could make thick and thin yarn out of them so that’s what I did. I spun a single with texture and then plied it with a gold thread and made art yarn.

I still want to try for a woolen bulky yarn so I decided to drum card some batts of the Ile de France and make more rolags. I’m hoping since these are pure wool I’ll be able to spin using a long-draw method and end up with what I want. I thought I’d show how I made the rolags from the wool batts.

Ile de France fleece.

Drum-carded batts.

Batt on blending board.

Using two knitting needles to start turning the batt.

Winding wool onto the needles.

Rolag pulled away from the board and the loose ends smoothed in.

Knitting needles removed one at a time from the rolag.

Pile of rolags from the batts.

Now that I’ve made the rolags all that is left to do is to spin them 🙂


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