Tie Dyes by the Grandkids

The grandkids came over on the weekend and we finally got around to doing some tie-dye together. I’ve had the shirts for a while and you’d think I’d get them done in the summer when it was good weather but alas it was not to be. It took about six hours from start to finish. Not only did the kids dye the shirts, pick out the colours but they also helped in folding and tying them as well. Even the littlest one who is 2 1/2 helped to squeeze the dye bottle and she was pretty good at putting the elastics around the swirl shirts as well.

Fuchsia, green (intense blue + lemon yellow) and lemon yellow

Fuchsia, green.

Green, lemon yellow and deep orange.

Intense blue, black and green.

Intense blue, lemon yellow and black.

Deep orange, scarlet and Better Black.

Deep orange, scarlet, lemon yellow and black.

Deep orange, Lemon yellow and a stripe of scarlet down the orange.

Purple, lemon yellow.

Lemon yellow, fuchsia and purple.

There is a bit more intensity of colours off camera but I wasn’t very scientific about making up the dye liquids, I just tossed in the dye and added water, a bit more water than I normally do so it’s possible the blue and purple were washed out a bit but the dyes are now ten years old so it’s possible they are starting to fade a bit. Mind you  I’m still getting good colour for the dyes being that old. I went to the internet to look at colour combinations and it’s a whole new world since I stopped tie dyeing several years back.

I used to do snow dyeing on fabric but now people are doing ice dyeing on t-shirts and some of the effects are pretty neat I’m going to have to give it a go and see what happens. Some other shirts have a water colour effect where the dyes look like they’ve broken (instead of one colour the dye separates into it’s components). One of my favourite shirts is one where I applied dye to a plain shirt and then tossed the dyed shirt into a pail of soda ash water to set the dye. The colours broke and separated much like what I’m seeing on some shirts so I wonder if it’s the same idea.


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