Tour de Fleece 2018

I decided to enter the tour de fleece this year on Ravelry. Each year when the Tour de France runs, many groups in Ravelry will spin along on their wheels and rack up the miles in yarn being made from fleece and other fibre hence the name Tour de Fleece. Some of the groups have competitions to see who can spin the most but that’s not for me. My group of fellows spinners just wanted the comaraderie to be found in participating in this years tour so I signed on for the ride so to speak.

My main goal this year was to spin up the 500 grams of purple-grey mystery roving from Wellington Fibre Mill that I’d bought a few years back. I’m pleased that I met my goal and I now have about 900 yards of a worsted weight yarn. I’m not sure of the exactly amount since I’ve only converted one skein into a layer cake and measured the length.

Purple-grey mystery fibre. A mystery because I’m not sure the ratio of mohair to wool.

Five skeins of yarn spun during the tour.

After spinning the purple tweed yarn I was trying to think of what else I wanted to spin. I really, really want some of Anna Gratton’s rovings but I’m in Canada and she’s in New Zealand and I haven’t ordered anything yet because I’m afraid of what the shipping costs will be. Anyhow to temporarily satisfy my lust for her Licorice Allsorts roving (one of these days I will order some) I decided to try and create a similar type of thing using my drum carder. I tried dizzing it off the carder but gave up half way through when I realized I could just take the remaining batt and tear it into appropriate sized strips.

Black Rainbow roving.

The resultant spun yarn is sort of a thick and thin single plied with quilting thread. I’m not sure quilting thread is the way to go but it’s all I had at the time.

Black rainbow yarn.

I tried to knit up a cowl using the yarn but quickly came to the conclusion that 52 grams isn’t enough so this morning I made a couple more batts and spun up one of them. I’ll post a picture when they’re both done or maybe when I actually get something knit with the yarn.

Black rainbow batts.

Another little mini skein of 32 grams was made using some of the Ile de France fleece that I dyed and combed last year. The goal with the Ile de France was to make mini skeins for knitting Fair Isle and I was quite pleased that I managed to make a light fingering yarn. The trick will be to make similar yarns of the same thickness.

Ile de France – Vermillion plus Lemon Yellow.

Vermillion 2-ply fingering.

That’s all for now. I have been working on some quilt squares from the Mastering Miniatures quilt kit but I’m not going to post any photos of those until I’m done. I’ve done some other stuff, tea towels, crocheted afghan but I didn’t take photos. I need to get my brain in gear for blogging again.


One response to “Tour de Fleece 2018

  1. Way to go! It’s all beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the cowl you make with your black rainbow yarn.

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