Snake, Hat and Poncho.

I had a recent request by my grandson to knit a snake and I blithely agreed thinking how hard can it be? As it turns out it’s pretty easy especially if you’re used to knitting with double pointed needles, however it is time consuming. You look at the picture of the snake and you think oh I’ll get that done in no time but it just keeps going on and on and on.

Then of course you stuff the snake as you go and pretty soon you’re trying to manipulate a four foot snake and rotate it with your feet as you go round and round meanwhile all the time doing colour changes for the different bands of colour.


The snake does look awesome, only issue – I said I’d do one for his sister. I might try a different stuffing technique for that one.

Striped Snake by Sarah Anne Thompson – free Ravelry download. Good stash buster, the size of snake is dependent on the yarn. This snake used worsted weight.

After an intensive week of snake knitting I decided to knit my dad a hat as he said he lost his. Translate “lost” into “misplaced” and it became clear that he didn’t need a new hat but since I’d cast on the hat I decided to knit it anyway. I knit the hat in Lion Brand Hand-dyed Wool Ease and since it was a worsted weight yarn I was pleased to finish it off in two days. The only issue was the retirement home he’s staying at has restricted all visitor access while the Coronavirus is going around so I guess the hat will become a fall hat God willing.

Watch Cap by Carri Hammett: Hat Power 5.0. Yarn by Lion Brand Hand-dyed Wool Ease, colour S’Mores.

My husband is modelling the hat. This yarn has a tendency to pool and I’m wondering if that’s why it was such a good deal at Michaels.

After I’d done the hat I felt the need to use up one of the Caron Latte cakes I have sitting around the house. This doesn’t sound like an issue but having listened to a recent blog cast by a fellow crafter, I became aware that Michaels had deeply discounted some discontinued colours of the latte cakes. The regular price of a latte cake is $11.99 a cake. The clearance price dropped the price to $3.99 a cake, I may have bought too many.


Is this all the latte cakes I have? Well no, I bought a lot at the beginning of the fall season because last spring they reduced the latte cakes and I only caught the tail end of that sale. I had bought a couple of cakes and knit them up and discovered how much I loved the drape and feel of the yarn. I figured I’d never see the latte cakes again so I did buy a few when they re-released the yarn.


So lots and lots of latte cakes just waiting to be used. What to make, hmm well maybe a poncho. I decided to make the poncho for one of my granddaughters out of the only skein of Pink Melon I had. It was another quick project taking me only two days to finish. The really annoying thing was that towards the end I figured on running out of yarn so I ended up buying another cake. I didn’t need the extra cake as I ended up with 1 yard of leftover yarn (I kid you not). I had braved the corona infested hoards for nothing and I’m not going back out to return the ball of yarn.

Yarnspirations free patterns title “Bernat Girl’s Crochet Poncho”. Crocheted using 1 cake of Caron Latte colour “Pink Melon”.

I see more ponchos, shawls, afghans in the future to be made.


One response to “Snake, Hat and Poncho.

  1. Love your snake! Thanks for telling me how to find the pattern; I was thinking about making a snake just yesterday. Go figure! I certainly understand about the monotony of going round and round and round; I made a snake draft-dodger years ago and it was one of the most tedious things I’ve ever made. It also never got to do its job because the kittens and puppies thought I’d put a toy down by the draughty front door just for them. I finally gave up and let them all play with it and put down folded newspapers to block the breeze.

    I love the poncho too! That’s a pretty colour. Those Latte Cakes do look pretty! I’m glad that I did not know about that sale at Michaels, otherwise I’d have a lot of Latte Cakes to use up too. I once bought a couple of Caron Cakes to use up a gift certificate and I’ve yet to make anything with them. I bought two different colourways and most of the patterns I like need 2 cakes of the same colour. I should have bought crochet cotton or sock yarn instead because then I’d at least have projects in mind for it. 🙂

    I like the hat you made for your Dad. I hope he’s doing well. As to the virus, it’s certainly changing how we, in general, conduct our lives. I have asthma and a minor heart condition, so I’m staying home and letting my husband do the grocery shopping. He’s always had a healthy immune system, so he’s not worried and is social-distancing to be safe. I hope you and your family stay safe from the virus.

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