More snakes and ponchos.

I hope everyone is doing well during the pandemic. I have been busy cooking and crafting and working on my garden although the past week has seen freezing temperatures and a bit of snow. Just when you think it’s Spring Mother Nature says “Not quite yet!”.

I have a couple more items to add to the pile for the grandkids. I had an idea of gifts for Easter but that has come and gone so I guess they’ll just be grandma loves you gifts.

I have seven grandkids so I tend to make things in multiples so I’ve finished another poncho and snake.

The poncho is made with more of the Caron Latte cakes and the purple snake is just leftover remnants in my stash. In fact the dark purple and white is some of the first yarn I bought while on lunch break downtown working at my first full time job. I still remember the wool shop. It was full of bulk spools of yarn and the owners put it up on a yarn swift. The purple and white were to make a scarf in the University of Western colours. My how time flies as that was 43 years ago. It also goes against current conventions that say if you haven’t used something in a year or two, get rid of it. I went to use the pizza stone in the basement last week only to discover I’d donated it. Who knew two years later I’d be practicing self-isolation in a pandemic and making my own pizza?

I have two more items to make before handing over the gifts. I was going to make two more snakes but I’m tired of making them and I just used the last of the fibrefill. I’ll have to think of something else.


7 responses to “More snakes and ponchos.

  1. Me make our own pizza once a month, never did get it right till I started using the stone I’d bought to bake artisan breads on 🙂 Yum@! I really love those snakes, lovely little heads. Sharyn

    • Thank you Sharyn. I hope you and your family are doing well. My husband liked the stone as well but since we hadn’t used it for years I got rid of it, doh!

  2. Pizza, ponchos and snakes!!! Are there no end to your talents? The snakes are adorable ❤

  3. I look forward to seeing it 😊

  4. You have been busy! I love the snakes and the poncho and especially the story about the first yarn you bought. I made a snake years ago; it was meant to be a door snake to bloke drafts. However our young cats decided it was a great toy and then the GSD puppies destroyed it in a game of tug ‘o war.
    As to current conventions about de-cluttering, ignore them if there is even a remote chance you’ll use the item. Do the Kondo on items you know you’ll never use! Like a dead blender that doesn’t have enough power to chop up some crackers, which my hubby is trying to keep because he thinks he can fix it.

  5. I envision the two kids taking the snakes and whacking each other with them, just a guess though.

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