It’s been a while since I last blogged but the truth is I’ve not had much in the way of variety to blog about since all the crafting I have been doing since making the Covid masks has been to finally finish off the last of the grandchildren’s afghans. These are the same ripple afghans that I’ve blogged about before made out of the Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick that I picked up on sale at the various stores.

In total I’ve crocheted nine of these afghans so far, seven for the grandchildren. Here are some photos of the afghans I haven’t shown already. The large photo is the same afghan as the one too the right of it. The photo of the three balls of yarn are the colours I used in one of the afghans that I forgot to take a picture of.

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’ve done very much but going back through my blog for the last year I realize that I have gotten a lot of projects made. It’s the reason I keep a blog – to remind myself just exactly what I have accomplished during the year. Mind you there are also some things I forget to document. This year I’ve crocheted nine afghans, four ponchos, knit two snakes, hats and dyed twenty-two tie-dyed shirts.

The current project is to use up some of the sale yarn I bought months ago and turn it into hats and mittens for Christmas. One hat down and many more to follow.

Lion Brand Wool Ease Hand-Dyed yarn “Key Lime”
Hat Power 5.0 by Carri Hammett – “Mittens & Hats for Yarn Lovers”
Yarn for hats and mittens

Blessings on everyone and I hope you are all staying safe.


2 responses to “Afghans

  1. I love all the afghans! Also love all the colours you’ve got for mittens and hats! I think having lots of colours makes it so much more fun when you’ve got to make a bunch of things for gifts.

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