Black Rainbow Cowl

Went for a little road trip yesterday to visit my wonderful mother-in-law. I managed to knit up a cowl during my travels out of the rainbow yarn I just made and thought I’d share.

black rainbow cowl

Black rainbow cowl.

ted e bear wearing black rainbow cowl

Ted E. Bear modelling the cowl.



Black Rainbow Yarn

This morning I finished spinning up the batts I made yesterday of the multi-coloured fleece and thought I’d post a picture to show the finished yarn.

Yarn on bobbin.

Black rainbow yarn made from corridale from Ashland.

Not sure what pattern to use this yarn with but probably a cowl.


Tour de Fleece 2018

I decided to enter the tour de fleece this year on Ravelry. Each year when the Tour de France runs, many groups in Ravelry will spin along on their wheels and rack up the miles in yarn being made from fleece and other fibre hence the name Tour de Fleece. Some of the groups have competitions to see who can spin the most but that’s not for me. My group of fellows spinners just wanted the comaraderie to be found in participating in this years tour so I signed on for the ride so to speak.

My main goal this year was to spin up the 500 grams of purple-grey mystery roving from Wellington Fibre Mill that I’d bought a few years back. I’m pleased that I met my goal and I now have about 900 yards of a worsted weight yarn. I’m not sure of the exactly amount since I’ve only converted one skein into a layer cake and measured the length.

Purple-grey mystery fibre. A mystery because I’m not sure the ratio of mohair to wool.

Five skeins of yarn spun during the tour.

After spinning the purple tweed yarn I was trying to think of what else I wanted to spin. I really, really want some of Anna Gratton’s rovings but I’m in Canada and she’s in New Zealand and I haven’t ordered anything yet because I’m afraid of what the shipping costs will be. Anyhow to temporarily satisfy my lust for her Licorice Allsorts roving (one of these days I will order some) I decided to try and create a similar type of thing using my drum carder. I tried dizzing it off the carder but gave up half way through when I realized I could just take the remaining batt and tear it into appropriate sized strips.

Black Rainbow roving.

The resultant spun yarn is sort of a thick and thin single plied with quilting thread. I’m not sure quilting thread is the way to go but it’s all I had at the time.

Black rainbow yarn.

I tried to knit up a cowl using the yarn but quickly came to the conclusion that 52 grams isn’t enough so this morning I made a couple more batts and spun up one of them. I’ll post a picture when they’re both done or maybe when I actually get something knit with the yarn.

Black rainbow batts.

Another little mini skein of 32 grams was made using some of the Ile de France fleece that I dyed and combed last year. The goal with the Ile de France was to make mini skeins for knitting Fair Isle and I was quite pleased that I managed to make a light fingering yarn. The trick will be to make similar yarns of the same thickness.

Ile de France – Vermillion plus Lemon Yellow.

Vermillion 2-ply fingering.

That’s all for now. I have been working on some quilt squares from the Mastering Miniatures quilt kit but I’m not going to post any photos of those until I’m done. I’ve done some other stuff, tea towels, crocheted afghan but I didn’t take photos. I need to get my brain in gear for blogging again.


Brio – Frivol quilt by American Jane

Yesterday I finally finished the Frivol box kit by American Jane called Brio. This series of little tin boxes called Frivols were put out by Moda and contained a roll of 42 – 7″x 7″ fabrics by whichever designer was featured on the tin. American Jane is known for her bright retro fabrics that have a fun flair to them and I’m always drawn to her designs. The tin contained the fabric, quilt pattern (lap sized) and a frivol in this case a little metal tin. The fabric line used in the quilt is called Bread ‘n Butter.

I started the quilt kit months ago but with the excitement of Christmas and other assorted projects the finished top sat over the upstairs bannister waiting for the right time for me to quilt it. It’s a smaller lap quilt at a finished size of 48″ x 48″ but I think it will be perfect thrown over one of the recliners up at the new RV. The recliners came with the RV when we bought it last summer and they sit in the added day room. They’ve seen better days so I’m hoping this quilt will fit in and brighten the room with it’s cheery motifs.

The quilt is made up of nine Bear Paw blocks. I did a meander stitch inside each paw and then used the walking foot to sew in the ditch around each paw and the remaining block seams. I’m okay with the walking foot but maybe I need to revisit some tips on using it since the fabric seemed pulled a little I guess from the direction of the sewing. It’s not that noticeable just the perfectionist in me.

It an overcast day today so I needed the flash to take the pictures. Imagine the quilt being much brighter and cheerier and you’ve got the right impression. Of course I’m too impatient to wait for the sun to show up for a better picture. Done and blogged another project bites the dust, yeah!


Unicorns and Knights.

I finally finished off the unicorn scarves for the girls and one knight’s helmet for Jake. As well, I can now post the Minion’s quilt with swag that I made for Jonathan’s birthday. In total I made four unicorn/pony scarves but forgot to take a photo of Alexis scarf but it’s much the same just a different colour mane. The knight’s helmet was totally cool to knit as I haven’t really knit a structured piece like that before. It came out a little small but that wasn’t unexpected as most of the Ravelry notes on the pattern said the helmet fit small. I didn’t have Jake’s head measurements so I’m glad that he could get it on his head.

Charlie’s pink unicorn scarf. (See previous post for link to Heidi May’s website for pattern)

Side view of scarf.

Kenny’s rainbow pony scarf or as Charlie would have it baby unicorn scarf because baby unicorns don’t have horns.

Side shot.

Jake’s Knight helmet. This pattern was created by Maggie van der Stok and is a free download in Ravelry.

Side view.

Back view.

Knight’s helmet with feathers.

Side view.

Minions quilt – the second I’ve made. I did more quilting on this one. Same reaction as the first time I finished this quilt, a feeling of happiness just looking at it, maybe it’s all that orange.

Assorted loot that I picked up over the previous year while waiting to finish this quilt. None of the goodies was over $10 and the big stuffie I got for $10 marked down from last Valentines Day.

That’s it for knitting for now. Spring is coming up and so I’ve decided to try and finish some quilts that have been put on hold for a while. I have one quilt top that is finished and is waiting for me to clean off the dining room table so I can pin the layers together and then quilt it. I have another Civil war era quilt that is a block of the month in miniatures and I did start to blog about it quite a while back, that needs to be finished off as well especially since it’s going to be a king-sized quilt and I don’t have a king-size quilt for my bed.

Take care and Hoppy Easter.

Catching up…finished projects

It’s been more than a little while since I’ve posted here. Part of the problem is that I no longer use this computer and I’m on my tablet all the time. My tablet can’t download photos from my camera so I’ve slacked off a bit (well more than a bit). Another issue is I’ve been rather slack in the crafting department lately as well.

Here are a bunch of things that I’ve done since I last posted in October. The little animals are called amigurumi and I had a fun time crocheting them up for my granddaughter Kendal for Christmas. The two tie dyes are ice dyed and I made them up for my granddaughter Charlie and her friend. My son requested a hat and scarf for Christmas and lastly I thought I’d make a fun scarf for all four granddaughters with more to come in different colourways at a later time. The scarves and hat were made from Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick and Quick. Lovely yarn to knit up but nasty in that the balls have knots from being joined. The amigurumi were made from Paton’s Astra yarn.

Best friends rainbow ice dyes.

Close-up of back.

Back view.

Cat – Super-Super Easy Crochet by Brigitte Read

My favorite, crocodile (Super-Super Easy Crochet)

Peppa Pig

Robin, Super-Super Easy Crochet

Whale, Super-Super Easy Crochet

Dan’s hat Eagle bay hat

Dan’s scarf English Rib Scarf

Unice Unicorn hood I made it into a pony scarf as requested so left off the horn.

Heidi May is the designer and has some very nice patterns, check out her website. You can also order the patterns through Ravelry.

That’s all for now. I still have three scarfs to knit and I’ve also put together another Minions quilt that needs to be machine quilted and I’ve also finished another quilt top made from one of the box kits put out by Moda so it’ll probably be a few months before I get all those projects finished and posted as well.


Tie Dyes by the Grandkids

The grandkids came over on the weekend and we finally got around to doing some tie-dye together. I’ve had the shirts for a while and you’d think I’d get them done in the summer when it was good weather but alas it was not to be. It took about six hours from start to finish. Not only did the kids dye the shirts, pick out the colours but they also helped in folding and tying them as well. Even the littlest one who is 2 1/2 helped to squeeze the dye bottle and she was pretty good at putting the elastics around the swirl shirts as well.

Fuchsia, green (intense blue + lemon yellow) and lemon yellow

Fuchsia, green.

Green, lemon yellow and deep orange.

Intense blue, black and green.

Intense blue, lemon yellow and black.

Deep orange, scarlet and Better Black.

Deep orange, scarlet, lemon yellow and black.

Deep orange, Lemon yellow and a stripe of scarlet down the orange.

Purple, lemon yellow.

Lemon yellow, fuchsia and purple.

There is a bit more intensity of colours off camera but I wasn’t very scientific about making up the dye liquids, I just tossed in the dye and added water, a bit more water than I normally do so it’s possible the blue and purple were washed out a bit but the dyes are now ten years old so it’s possible they are starting to fade a bit. Mind you  I’m still getting good colour for the dyes being that old. I went to the internet to look at colour combinations and it’s a whole new world since I stopped tie dyeing several years back.

I used to do snow dyeing on fabric but now people are doing ice dyeing on t-shirts and some of the effects are pretty neat I’m going to have to give it a go and see what happens. Some other shirts have a water colour effect where the dyes look like they’ve broken (instead of one colour the dye separates into it’s components). One of my favourite shirts is one where I applied dye to a plain shirt and then tossed the dyed shirt into a pail of soda ash water to set the dye. The colours broke and separated much like what I’m seeing on some shirts so I wonder if it’s the same idea.


Cleaning spree 2017

I haven’t posted in a while, here are a couple of items I did while away on vacation this past January.
Better Dorm Slippers knit from a couple of Value Village wool balls.

Fingerless Mitts knit with some of my first handspun yarn that I did on a drop spindle.

Well my husband went off on his annual golf trip again this year. Every year I tell myself I’m going to clean and up until this year I never have. Finally I got my act together and did some cleaning. Since the house was heading towards hoarding stage one, it was about time. I don’t really need to blog my pictures of a cleaned house but it’s nice to go back and revisit what I’ve done over the years so this is more for myself than others. My blog is more or less a diary of what I’ve done over the years so I can look back.

Clean fridge door.

Clean fridge.

Clean table.

Husband’s golf pencils, 66 of them now gone.

What is this and why do I have it on my counter.

Expired condiment bottles.

All the stuff from the fridge.

Fridge after throwing out most of the condiments.

I didn’t take a picture of the freezer at the bottom of the fridge but it’s clean as well.

Family Room

Family room cleaned, note the valence, which was taken down I don’t know how many years ago for some reason. My husband asked me to shorten it and I never got around to it but I noticed it when cleaning the room. It took me about 30 minutes to cut, shorten and hem it and another 30 minutes to arrange the folds after putting it back up. The room looks so much better – 30 minutes vs years, doh!

Husband’s area cleaned, finally!!!

Telephone area, last time cleaned was 2011.

TV – CD/DVD area, looks normal but was stacked mile high.

Laundry Room and Main Hall Closets and Front Foyer Area

Cleaned foot rack.

All the games in the house now have a home in one spot.

Coats with orderly shoes and boots.

Shoes to donate, about three garbage bags worth, more than it appears in this photo.

Coats to donate.

Coats in hall closet.

Clean floor, wowzers, actually it now has the vacuum cleaner in it plus a grocery cart. I’ve never had a designated spot for the vacuum before now and I’ve been in the house over 35 years.

This was so piled up with coats and shoes and other stuff, it just doesn’t look right now that it’s clean. Actually now that all the stuff is gone it looks barren and in need of an update.

I’d say most of the stuff I cleaned has been in a bad way for 10 years or more, probably more if I’m honest. Might be interesting to note that it took me nine days to clean it all and that wasn’t pushing myself. Why does it take so long to make something right especially when it takes so little time?


Minions for Christmas

Last night I finished up a Christmas project that’s been sitting on the shelf for a few months. Being the procrastinator that I am I always seem to do these things just before the Christmas deadline.

My little granddaughter has a thing for Minions so when the quilt kit went on sale at Fat Quarter shop I bought it. My oldest son also has a love for all things Minions as well and I’d originally thought of making it for him but the two year old won out. This was a fairly easy kit and once I got my act in gear it took about a week to finish and that only involved one long day of quilting and another of sewing down the binding.






I machine stitched all of the quilt, outlining the main character’s features and clothing. I then did a meander stitch in the orange background fabric surrounding the minions. I stitched along the borders and then for the inside of the yellow border I did another meander stitch but in a different style of curls. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. It seemed fairly simple but now that it’s done it makes me happy looking at it, maybe it’s all that orange and the smiling Minion faces.


Heritage Yarn

I guess it’s been a while since I last posted. I have a ton of pictures taken but looking at my last post I realized that I haven’t gotten around to posting anything new in a while.

I thought I’d toss up some pictures of some yarn that I scored from Value Village. I call yarn that’s probably about 30 years old heritage yarn. Value Village will take yarn it gets from a donation and break it up into little bags of about four skeins or balls. Sometimes you’ll find bags with the same colour in them but more often they’ll break up the same colour and put it into multiple bags with different colours tossed in. I figure they do this on purpose so the buyer has to end up buying five different lots just to get similar skeins of the same colour. This is how I ended up buying a lot of wool. Knowing myself I’d probably have ended up buying it all anyhow since it was good wool.

Various colours of heritage wool.

This bucket has the six skeins of the green I was really going after but I also scored three nice skeins of black as well.

I know the green yarn was old because the label on it said Condon’s Yarns and that mill is no longer in business in fact it burned down a few years ago after having shut down. The black yarn also had Condon’s labels on them. The other label on some of the skeins was Briggs and Little, which I was happy to see.



There were also various other skeins that had been wound into balls and they were without labels. I guess I’m going to have to knit swatches out of them and see what weight of yarn they are. What was really neat and I didn’t notice this until I got home was that one of the wound balls was an exact match for five skeins of yarn that my mother-in-law had given me. I was very glad to see it as I didn’t think there was enough yarn for a sweater. She also bought this yarn about 30 years back but didn’t knit with it or she tried but she found out that she’s allergic to wool and it made her hands itch. The green is from Briggs and Little and they still make it today as I just received some sample cards in the mail yesterday and that colour is still offered.

Green heather from Value Village.

The green heather compared to my mother-in-law’s skein.

I got 15 balls of yarn for $22 and so I’m well pleased with the deal. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. The green yarn from Condon’s did smell but it’s funny because the black from Condon’s didn’t. I decided to wash all the green skeins in some Unicorn Power Scour and there was a ton of dye washed out so I’m thinking the smell was from processing and not from being in a plastic container all those years. The yarn washed up beautifully and is gorgeous. The only thing left to do is to try and decide what I’m going to knit out of it. The idea is either a yoked sweater or maybe a hap shawl I’m not certain which to go with. I have an upcoming KAL in January in one of my Ravelry groups so I think I’ll wait until then to decide what to do. There is plenty of Christmas stuff happening at the moment to keep me busy.