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Pinwheel Baby Quilt

This past weekend I finished a baby quilt for Jen’s baby girl that is due end of November. This is the second quilt in two months that I’ve made, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the other one I made for Linda’s little girl, oh well. The quilt was made using a pack of Turnover pre-cuts that I had in my stash. I’ve already made another baby quilt using these same pre-cuts here but this time I wanted a different pattern so I took the triangles and cut them in half and then sewed them together with some matching white triangles to create a square.

The squares were then sewn into the larger pinwheel square and then of course those squares sewn into rows and the rows sewn together to form the main body of the quilt. I had planned on putting a border around the pinwheels but when I finished sewing the blocks together the quilt top was big enough for a little baby so I just layered the top, batting and backing together, quilted in the ditch on the diagonal and then finished off with a coral/pink binding. Very quick, a bit tricky working with the biases of the triangles but not too bad. The key is in the pinning of the triangles to keep the bias under control.

Currently I’m working on another quilt planned for my granddaughter Charlie, she is into Disney princesses so I spotted some Frozen fabric in the fabric shop so that will be my next quilt to work on. The knitting and spinning has languished but it’s about time I caught up with some sewing and sewing is so much quicker than knitting so it’s nice to get these projects out of the way.

Jen's baby girl quilt
American Jane – Snippets, for Moda.



Baby Quilt.

Just finished the binding on a baby quilt that I’ve been working on for a friend’s first grandchild. The quilt is a familiar one that I’ve done before using turnover precuts. The tutorial is put out by the Missouri Star Quilt company and is their Whack N Stack quilt.

The material I used was “Snippets” by Moda designer American Jane. It’s has a retro 30’s feel to it with some of the fabrics having little paper doll designs on it.

Closeup of pinwheel, machine quilted with hearts in the pinwheel and meandering stitch inbetween pinwheels.