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Gifts received and Given

Well it’s been a mad few days recently with having to cook two Christmas dinners two days in a row. My back was so sore it’s amazing it feels as good as it does today but it’s all over. Everyone has eaten so much food in the last couple of days what with dinners and treats that I’m letting them fend for themselves with the leftovers until they leave.

I’m behind on posting pictures of items that I made for Christmas and I now have pictures to post of items that I received for Christmas so…

Here are some of the things I made in the mad scramble in the last two days before Christmas.

Some crocheted washcloths for Dan’s girlfriend to go along with some other toiletry items in a gift basket.

A couple more in different colours for John’s mom they went with a basket of Aveeno products. These washcloths were inspired by a post over at Thornberry’s site: http://thornberry.wordpress.com/ and the pattern taken from Lion’s brand free patterns. This is the sedge washcloth. Just type in washcloth and you’ll find it.

Bernat Handicrafter Cotton – Colonial Colours.

My one son Jon informed me that he wanted a Where’s Waldo Hat to go along with his striped scarf. This was two days before Christmas. Of course I didn’t have the one set of correct needles so it was a mad scramble to find some but I finished the hat Christmas Eve. Here is the other son Dan modelling for me.

I thought this hat would be striped but the cartoon of Waldo shows it as red brim, white body and red pompom for which I was thankful as it made it easier to knit. He now wants a striped sweater to match (oh joy).

Next are a series of photos of the gifts I received from my secret sister. We decided to swap items that we already had on hand at home and I feel like I cleaned up from what she pulled from her stash (does the happy dance).

Here we have a foam stamp (I can use it on my hand-dyed fabric), some Angelina hot fuse fibres and a cute fly that she had made in a class she took. He’s so adorable.

This is the back view and he has “metallic” wings, so clever.

Look at this, he even has pockets inside of him. (He came with a chocolate bar inside, yum…)

I got this cool piece of complex cloth.

In a complex cloth swap what happens is the owner of the piece dyes a piece of white pfd (prepared for dyeing) in the colour of her choice. The piece is then mailed off to the next person in the group and this person then does something to the piece. In this case although you really can’t see it I believe a discharge of some type in the shape of a fish was applied to the cloth so the fuchsia became pink in those areas.

Next a stamp of purple (or blue) dye was applied over top and then finally a pattern of blue metallic paint (probably lumiere but maybe shiva paintstick) was put on as a last layer. I don’t know if this piece was part of a swap or something my secret sister did all herself but all in all it’s a very valuable piece of fabric for all the time and effort that went into it. I’m going to have to think how to use it , maybe for part of a quilt or maybe that special bit of fabric that is just the right accent for something.

Last is this beautiful piece of machine embroidery. Lovely matching fabric of yellows and purples. It is now taking up residence on the wall in back of my sewing machine.

Speaking of sewing machines…here is my new baby.

Husqvarna Mega Quilter.

MegaQuilter with table.

I haven’t had a chance to use it yet as I still have company but sometime this week we have a date to work on the Christmas tree skirt I just finished sewing.

One last picture just because you all know how I like a bargin (even if I don’t need it).

Drop-forged Heritage scissors.

I saw these at Costco the other day but refrained from buying them because I have a lot of scissors but when they dropped the price to $10 I couldn’t resist. I’m always misplacing scissors so didn’t feel too guilty at ten bucks for three.

Well hope you all like seeing the goodies as much as I liked receiving them.


Nested Round Robin Colour Wheel & Parfait

Well yesterday I finally got busy and dyed some of the fabric for the nested round robin I will be participating in this coming year with my one of my fabric dyeing forums. The idea is to start off with a centre block of each participant’s choosing and then each month add a border to the quilt. The borders can either go around the center block or the quilt can be made up of rows of borders. Each border idea is drawn by the hostess co-ordinating the swap. One month you could have appliqued leaves for instance and the next month a border of stars, etc. There are no restrictions on size; the finished quilt could be a wall-hanging or end up being a bed quilt.

The easy part for me was choosing the colours, I’m still not sure what to decide on for the central block and then when I figure out my block I have to decide on the colour arrangement. The idea is to incorporate as many colours of the colour wheel in the starting block so you can bring them into the quilt borders somehow. The colours need not be from the one colour wheel but could also be from gradations of individual colours within the wheel or colours with additives – much like the colour wheels plus additives that I posted previously.

I’m not a very creative person. I enjoy making the creations I do but not coming up with my own ideas. I like looking at something and saying “That’s nice I want to try it”. This round robin sounds simple but will probably stretch me out of my comfort zone; actually it already has since I’m in angst and haven’t even started.

I guess the idea of a round robin is to work on the border of a quilt and then mail it on to the next person on the list; because of rising postage costs our group decided to keep the quilts at home and work on them ourselves. I’m just as glad, I don’t think I would have participated if I was respondsible for working on someone else’s quilt.

Anyhow pictures are below. The main colours I used were from Dharma – Burgundy, Navy Blue and Marigold. Kudos to BettyAnn for choosing these colours in our Rainbow swap, I was inspired.

Colour Wheel - Nested Round Robin
Dharma’s Burgundy, Navy Blue and Marigold

Parfait with colour wheel
Parfait from left-over dye with colour wheel.

Round robin parfait
Parfait using about 1/4 cup each of burgundy, navy and marigold
on one yard of fabric.