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Turning fabric into mini bolts.

I was cruising Pinterest this morning originally looking for ideas to make a portable ironing board when I had the thought of looking at some storage solutions for my quilting/sewing room and came across some references to storing fabric on comic storage boards.
comic storage boards 2

These storage boards (basically cardboard) are acid free so handy for wrapping fabric onto without having to worry about chemicals transfering to your material, at least that’s my take on it. They come in packs of 100 usually and the one pack cost me $9.95 (less in the States). I picked mine up at the local comic book store.

You take your fabric, which is already folded in half (22″) and then fold it again so the width is now around 11″ and then you roll this onto the comic storage board.

folding fabric on board

rolling fabric on board

I just used straight pins to fasten the ends.
pinned mini bolt

Stack of mini bolts.
stack of mini bolts

I’m not sure how much space I’m saving by making the mini bolts, in fact I know that I’ll have to find another spot for my fabric other than my drawer, a bookcase I guess but the advantage of having these little mini bolts is that I can now see what colours I have at a glance rather than having the material stacked in a pile in my drawers. It will save me from having to haul out the material every time I want to find a particular colour.

Material stacked in a pile in the drawer.
fabric in dresser drawer

Material in the same drawer sorted into colour gradients.
bolt in colour order

Same drawer another view.
fabric on bolt in dresser

A lot of people have these little bolts stacked into a bookshelf and they’d fit nicely. The only problem I have with that is light can degrade the fabric so I’d worry about the edges fading and I have had some fading on some of my fabric and this was fabric that was not in direct light. I think if I use a bookshelf I’ll probaby have to find a space for it in a closet or make some kind of blackout curtain to go over it.