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More beading…

Not much happening around here in the way of new creativity. After finishing up the towels for the shower gifts for my daughter’s upcoming wedding I started in working on the rest of the beaded scarves for the bridesmaids. I almost managed to finished one whole side yesterday of one scarf so that leaves me with 4.5 scarves left to go. Needless to say this is going to take a bit so I probably won’t have much posted in the next couple of weeks. I felt such an incredible relief to get the oven towels done that I’m determined to finish off the scarves so I can then concentrate on other stuff that needs doing.

I may have to start with the list-making idea to be more productive. Half the time I feel like the proverbial chicken running around with it’s head chopped off and I look back at my day and think where did all the time go and what did I do? The thing is I know when I’m wasting time but there are days when I don’t feel like I have yet…kaboom…the day is done.

Anyhow for lack of anything better to post visually, here are some pictures of the latest shipment of fabrics I ordered. I’m done with ordering material for a long while now. I was pleased with the blues I ordered and for the most part not as pleased with the rest of the colours. I sort of went haphazard with some of the choices with the result that I didn’t like some of them unlike the first shipment. I hate to say it but I truly am a boring, small calico print type of girl; conservative I guess. (Except when it comes to tie-dye) I won’t bother posting a picture of the beading I’m doing as I have already posted a picture before.

Blue prints

Assorted coloured prints.