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Fun Fur Striped Scarf

Well I’ve been busy this week mostly just repeating myself knitting more scarves and making more Christmas towel holders. I’ve Teddy E Bear modeling again since he is a most excellent subject and is always co-operative.
Bear with blue scarf

The yarn I used for this scarf is called Fun Fur Stripes by Lion Brand Yarns. I didn’t realise when I bought it that the yarn would work out into stripes, it was on sale and I liked the colour so I grabbed it. It reminds me of a big fuzzy caterpillar.

I’m off to visit my daughter to have my eyes checked. She is an optometrist so for a Christmas present I asked if she could have a look at them and if possible I’d be most grateful for any discount that she might be able to get on the glasses. We’ll see I’m not sure if she can get anything off but I’m always hopeful. She asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said having to put up with me during an examination and fitting would be gift enough. She didn’t argue as I’ve been having rotten luck trying to adapt to my failing eyesight.

At a certain age you begin to lose the ability to focus close-up. I’ve always had problems with seeing in the distance but now my near vision is going as well so now I’m into the dreaded bifocals. Last time I went, the optometrist gave me some progressives – they didn’t go over very well. I’ve managed not to wear them for a year and a half but my old faithful glasses finally “kicked the bucket” as in the arm of the frame finally gave way.

I’ve tried contacts – you can get bifocal contacts but my brain couldn’t adjust to those – and I’ve had a hard time with plain contacts as well. If you wear the contacts for distance then you have to have a pair of reading glasses handy so you can see close up. It always seems blurry when I wear the contacts, it almost seems like my eyes produce too much moisture and it gets in the way. So as you can tell, asking Jen to look at my eyes is no little thing.

The day is nice and sunny so hopefully the drive will be a good one coming and going. There is a stretch along the way that’s nasty if it’s snowing so hopefully we won’t get any blowing snow.