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Leaves Tam

Well I finally finished the Leaves tam by Outi Kater that I had been working on. Beautiful tam bought in a kit from Jamieson & Smith. You can buy the pattern online in Ravelry but you can only get the hot pink/fuchsia in the kit from J&S as this is a limited colour brought out only for the kit.

Very easy instructions to follow and the colourwork itself was also nice to knit up as the longest stretch inbetween colours was only five stitches long so it meant there was no weaving involved so a faster knit.

I found a couple of charting errors that J&S has since corrected but if anyone is reading this and knitting the tam just be aware that my tam might be a bit different from yours. You can’t tell by looking at the tam that anything is off. I also have to mention that I added extra rows of green and burgundy to the tam. I have a really big head and was tired of hats not fitting me so decided better too big than little. Turns out I probably didn’t need to add the rows but I’m glad I did. I also went up a needle size to get bigger gauge so the hat would fit better that way as well.

Leaves tam by Outi Kater. Yarn by Jamieson & Smith, 2-ply jumper weight yarn.

Artistic photo – meaning I took about five before I managed to get one of the crown of the tam, this was the best shot but I like it.

Really hard trying to take a picture of yourself with the one arm out, the chin positioned tilted at the right angle to avoid the double chin effect, lol.

Think I’m done knitting for a while. I have a chinese coins quilt that has been languishing in the sewing room for the last couple of months so I think that will be the next project. It needs outside borders and then needs to be quilted. Lots of quilts need to be worked on this summer.

Ordered some seeds online from Stokes the other day so I need to get cracking on weeding the garden and preparing the beds. Of course it rained the last couple of days but it did allow me to finish the tam so I’m thankful.