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Moose Cap

Well Christmas is finally over and done with and with it the mad rush to get all gifts finished off. The last of the birthday afghans was finally given out and was well received. I decided not to knit a hat for everyone and only knit up a few more.

Copycat Beanie C.C. By Emily Ingrid

Digging through Ravelry for a hat pattern I found this beanie by Emily Ingrid. It was an easy knit using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Hand-Dyed in the Caramel Apple colourway. It would have looked stellar with the faux fur pompon I had but since it went to my grandson I didn’t bother putting on a pompon. I’m not sure guys wear pompons?

Next up was the Moose Cap by Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott. This pattern can be found in their wonderful book “Saltwater Classics From the Island of Newfoundland”.

Moose Cap by Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott

The hat is a bit too big as I substituted a finer weight yarn for a heavier one and although I did a gauge swatch obviously it didn’t work out quite right. It’s funny how you can do a swatch and then when it comes to the actual knitting the item comes up different. It’s not to far off and if the brim was turned up more it’d be a perfect fit but I wanted to show off the red knitting for the photo. I used Briggs and Little “Regal” yarn for the cap having substituted it for Briggs and Little “Heritage”, which is a slightly thicker yarn.

The last item I have to show is a sweater called “Flax”, pattern by Tincanknits. I made this for my granddaughter for her birthday and I was pleased with how it turned out. It’s been years since I’ve knitted a garment and it’s nice to make something other than an accessory for a change.

Flax by tincanknits

The yarn is Red Heart’s, With Love Metallic, in the colourway Teal and if you look closely you can see a bit of a shimmer from the metallic looking monofilament. I picked this yarn up from the Dollarama at $4.00 a ball and ended up using four balls so it was a very cost effective sweater and Charlie loves the shimmer.

That’s it for catching up on projects for 2020. I’m sure there are a few more items that I haven’t recorded but all in all a very productive year. Next year is going to be focused on what I want to do not with “What will I make for others?”. I think I’ll work where my fancy takes me. First up will be to try and finish a UFO (unfinished object) that has been sitting in my closet for over forty years, here’s to hoping that the yarn yardages work out and I have enough yarn to finish it.

I hope that everyone has a Happy New Year and stays safe. See you in 2021!


Kobo Cover

I’m nearing the point where I’ll be knitting up a sweater using the Jamison and Simpson 2-ply jumper weight yarn and I needed to do a test swatch for measuring gauge. I didn’t want to waste my time knitting up the gauge swatch so decided to turn it into a Kobo cover instead.

Kobo cover in the Peerie Flooers pattern by Kate Davies.

LOL, realized afterwards that the current title of the book I’m reading was showing on the front of the Kobo – a Regency Romance.


Eeek! What is it?

Thought it would be interesting to post a photo of my latest project, which is in the final stages of completion. All I have to do is weave in the ends but I thought I’d post a picture and see if anyone could guess what it is.

The hairy monster from the string lagoon.


Cardi for Charlie

I’ve finally finished the little cardigan that I was knitting for Charlie – yeah me! This was another one of those projects that seemed to go on and on. It’s not surprising considering the main bulk of the sweater is done in a knit 2, purl 2 moss stitch.

The sweater looks okay except for maybe the arms, which look a little weird but I don’t think the arms will look strange once the sweater is on the baby. I actually saw this sweater on display at a craft show and bought the kit to make it. The sweater is made using Marble under the James C. Brett label and the shade is MT6 – I think ‘Moss’ but don’t quote me.

Cardi & Beret (minus the beret) designed by Sandi Prosser.

Back veiw.

The kit was also supposed to make up a beret but I really don’t think there is enough yarn left over so I’m not going to bother trying to do it, unfortunate because the little hat was probably the cutest part of the outfit.

I have to admit I hated doing this sweater, not because of the difficulty but because of the pattern itself. My first clue should have been looking at the baby modelling the sweater and realizing that the sleeves had been rolled up and it looked too big on the child. I had said to myself that 24 inches seemed big for a 12 month old but it’s been a few years since I had kids so what do I know? Part-way through the back I came to realize that the sweater was going to be huge. I had done a gauge swatch but thought that maybe I was knitting too big. Resigned I decided to keep knitting the sweater even though it didn’t have a prayer of fitting Charlie this Christmas. I decided to follow the directions for the 12 month size but knit the lengths for the 1-2 year size. At that point I figured I hadn’t done a proper gauge, which is why the cardi width was so big. Imagine my surprise after doing the stockette section to find out that the gauge in stockette was dead on.

The arms were really weird as well because instead of gently increasing to the underarm they increased really quickly so they have this weird boxy shape. I don’t know maybe it is easier to get a child in and out of this style of sleeve. The sleeves themselves though are huge!

Cardigan sleeve view.

Anyhow carrying on I finished sewing the pieces together and then went on to crochet around the neck/front edge. Word of warning about this yarn if you ever want to use it for crocheting – don’t. It splits something terrible. I tried to follow the directions for the picot edging but it was next to impossible and the yarn was distorting the button band because the pattern worked up too thick. I decided to do my own version of edging,it looks good and takes less work.

Button band, knit on a size smaller needles because I didn’t have that size and I’m glad that I did.

Neck with my own edging.

Then remained sewing the buttons on and finally all done. Opinion – sweater looks cute but the creation was angst ridden not knowing if I should change up the pattern and do my own thing. I guess others would take this in stride but I like following a pattern and not having to worry about whether or not the item I’m making will turn out all right.

I think the next baby item I make I’ll be doing the math and the gauges and comparing those to the actual child. I should have measured up Charlie and realized that the 12 month size wasn’t going to fit and won’t fit for probably another year.


Toddler sweater.

I feel like saying “She’s alive” because I haven’t posted in a while but life goes on and in amongst the every day happenings I did manage to knit this little sweater.

Toddler size 2 sweater from Paton’s booklet “Beehive Nordic Knits”.

Buffy the koala bear modeling the sweater. The yarn is white with very pale mauve, green and yellow in it.

The pattern I used was from a little booklet that Patons put out over 30 years ago and featured Fair Isle knits but given that I had the varigated yarn I just made the basic sweater. Interestingly enough when I bought an Elizabeth Zimmerman book last year I recognized the style of knitting, which begs the question which came first. I have a feeling that these sweaters came after Zimmerman’s publications but who’s to say that Elizabeth didn’t base her patterns on previous knits. I haven’t really looked at the time line.

Anyhow the body was cast on using a circular needle, the sleeves cast on with double pointed needles and then joined to the body and the yoke continued from there – no seams to be had just darning in of the loose ends.

Stoked because the yarn I used was some that I picked up from Value Village at 5 balls for $2.99 so this sweater for this size used 3 1/3 balls so cost a couple of dollars to make. The yarn I recognized from about 25 years ago when Eatons was still in business and had a yarn department. I still have some balls myself waiting to be knit up in the closet. My how time flies doesn’t it?


Blue Baby Sweater

Well Jen finally sent me the pictures we took a couple of days ago featuring the blue baby sweater so I thought I’d post a couple of the photos. Really it’s all about the sweater…not…vbg.

Sweater knit in Bernat Soy Natural Blends. Pattern – Raglan Cardigan – from Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss.

It was very nice working with the Soy Natural Blends as it was very soft. I don’t know how it holds up in the wash but the finished sweater had a nice sheen to it. I found the pattern easy to work up although lots of loose yarn ends to tie in so a bit fussy that way. If you’re thinking of making this pattern be aware that the sweater works up to about the right size so if you’re wanting the baby to grow into it I’d choose the next size up from the baby’s actual size.

“Really grandma, the AC/DC concert was that good?”

And finally the best for last, two really cute guys 🙂

Grandpa never seems to get tired of holding Chase for some reason 🙂

That’s it for today, hopefully next time I blog it’ll be the Christmas tree skirt which I started ages ago. I’m not looking forward to the marathon session which will be sewing down the binding on this project.


Christmas stuff

I’ve been busy doing things but not taking time to post so I guess I’ve been a bad blogger, sorry. I have done some stuff but a lot of it was for a Christmas secret sister swap that I participated in so since it was secret I thought I’d better not post about what I was doing. I’ll put some pictures up once my gift has been received.

A couple of items that I can post about are the hat and scarf set I finished about a week ago. I like to buy yarn on sale and then knit up scarves and hats to give away to whomever needs them. I’d already given away most of what I had except for this set so when our bible study group decided to put together a care package for a women’s shelter one of the items needed was a hat so I volunteered to supply this set:

Buffy the koala bear with hat and scarf

Buffy the koala bear with hat and scarf

Many thanks to Buffy for once again modeling yet again another hat and scarf. I’ve been working on making some crayon rolls for the past three days. It’s one of those simple projects that you think you’ll get accomplished in a day. The reality is that I have 16 of them to do and it’s been a major fiddly pain working on them. I’ve been tired lately and it just seems that everything is progressing in slow motion. Anyhow I’ve promised them for the sunday school class Christmas eve so need to finish them now!

Fabric cut out for crayon rolls - a variety of kids prints plus co-ordinating hand-dyed fabric by moi.

Fabric cut out for crayon rolls - a variety of kids prints plus co-ordinating hand-dyed fabric by moi.

I did manage to finish one off today (yeah for at least one). I have done the tricky part on all of them which is to make the pockets for the crayons. Now all I need to do is sew the zig-zag and outer piece on and they’ll be finished. Of course I ran out of white ribbon, just one more thing. I think I’m a little to tired tonight to be positive. LOL, you think you have a lot of time for Christmas and your husband tells you it’s 2 1/2 weeks away…say WHAT!!!

Needless to say nothing is decorated and the house is a bomb and now my dearest MIL will probably be coming for a few days and of course her room (the sewing room) is a disaster (and I do have before photos). The Christmas tree skirt I was positive was going to get done this year seems to be on the “put-off” list, oh well. How is it possible to be unemployed and yet be able to waste entire days at a time with nothing to show for it? Well one answer is this computer, so saying – good night all.


Knitted Hooded Sweater Jacket

Just thought I’d post an update on what I’m doing. I have been busy knitting for the most part working on something called a “Danbury Hooded Sweater Jacket”, the pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.  http://joann.lionbrand.com/patterns/60588.html

 I discovered this pattern on an Internet search and fell in love with it. Our local Walmart started carrying a new line of yarn from “Sean’s Sheep”. It’s an Australian label but the yarn made in China so go figure. Anyhow I adore this brand of yarn and decided to buy some on the spur of the moment. Unfortunately the store is no longer carrying the one particular line I choose for this jacket. This yarn was $5.95 a ball for a 400g ball. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten such a good price on a ball of yarn before this.
Cairns yarn
Sean’s Sheep – Cairns yarn

Anyhow I bought three balls of the yarn thinking surely I could find a sweater pattern to match the tension of the yarn (not quite a perfect match in tension so you’re probably best off using the actual yarn). After a long search the Danbury jacket is what I found. The jacket is quite long at 31 1/2 inches finished length so I’m quite impressed since I knit the back and part of the left-front before I ran out of my first ball of yarn. Danbury Jacket back
Danbury Jacket – Back

Danbury Jacket front
Danbury Jacket – Left front partially done about 10.5″ worth.

I originally bought three balls of yarn but from the instructions figured I needed another two making the total amount of yarn I bought five balls. Well I’m just wondering how much overkill I’ve got here because I just can’t see using up all five balls. I’m thinking possible granny afghan here after finishing the sweater.


Fun Fur Striped Scarf

Well I’ve been busy this week mostly just repeating myself knitting more scarves and making more Christmas towel holders. I’ve Teddy E Bear modeling again since he is a most excellent subject and is always co-operative.
Bear with blue scarf

The yarn I used for this scarf is called Fun Fur Stripes by Lion Brand Yarns. I didn’t realise when I bought it that the yarn would work out into stripes, it was on sale and I liked the colour so I grabbed it. It reminds me of a big fuzzy caterpillar.

I’m off to visit my daughter to have my eyes checked. She is an optometrist so for a Christmas present I asked if she could have a look at them and if possible I’d be most grateful for any discount that she might be able to get on the glasses. We’ll see I’m not sure if she can get anything off but I’m always hopeful. She asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said having to put up with me during an examination and fitting would be gift enough. She didn’t argue as I’ve been having rotten luck trying to adapt to my failing eyesight.

At a certain age you begin to lose the ability to focus close-up. I’ve always had problems with seeing in the distance but now my near vision is going as well so now I’m into the dreaded bifocals. Last time I went, the optometrist gave me some progressives – they didn’t go over very well. I’ve managed not to wear them for a year and a half but my old faithful glasses finally “kicked the bucket” as in the arm of the frame finally gave way.

I’ve tried contacts – you can get bifocal contacts but my brain couldn’t adjust to those – and I’ve had a hard time with plain contacts as well. If you wear the contacts for distance then you have to have a pair of reading glasses handy so you can see close up. It always seems blurry when I wear the contacts, it almost seems like my eyes produce too much moisture and it gets in the way. So as you can tell, asking Jen to look at my eyes is no little thing.

The day is nice and sunny so hopefully the drive will be a good one coming and going. There is a stretch along the way that’s nasty if it’s snowing so hopefully we won’t get any blowing snow.