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More Spider Web Shibori…

I have a swap that I’m involved in and for this swap we could choose any method of dyeing that we wanted so I decided to take a one yard piece of ecru cotton that I had and tie it up to make some spider web (Kumo) shibori.

One yard piece of ecru cotton in process of being tied. The red dots were a washable crayola marker I used for placement but it turned out they didn’t help.

Another look.

Starting to wind the thread at the base of gathered material.

Winding thread to the tip.

Winding thread back down to bottom of cone.

One yard piece all tied up and ready for dyeing, my husband said it looked like a sea urchin. There was much angst and bloody fingers but the worse was that I continually dropped the spool of uphostery thread. Next time I’ll pre-wind the thread onto the little dowel that comes with the tool kit.

Shibori being submerged in russet brown dye bath overnight.

Washed out and ready for the threads to be removed.

Washed and ironed, at this point he said it looked like jelly fish.

Closer view.

Final close up of single web.

I’ve already blogged this process before and talked about the Shibori Tool used to make kumo shibori if anyone is interested.