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Cardi for Charlie

I’ve finally finished the little cardigan that I was knitting for Charlie – yeah me! This was another one of those projects that seemed to go on and on. It’s not surprising considering the main bulk of the sweater is done in a knit 2, purl 2 moss stitch.

The sweater looks okay except for maybe the arms, which look a little weird but I don’t think the arms will look strange once the sweater is on the baby. I actually saw this sweater on display at a craft show and bought the kit to make it. The sweater is made using Marble under the James C. Brett label and the shade is MT6 – I think ‘Moss’ but don’t quote me.

Cardi & Beret (minus the beret) designed by Sandi Prosser.

Back veiw.

The kit was also supposed to make up a beret but I really don’t think there is enough yarn left over so I’m not going to bother trying to do it, unfortunate because the little hat was probably the cutest part of the outfit.

I have to admit I hated doing this sweater, not because of the difficulty but because of the pattern itself. My first clue should have been looking at the baby modelling the sweater and realizing that the sleeves had been rolled up and it looked too big on the child. I had said to myself that 24 inches seemed big for a 12 month old but it’s been a few years since I had kids so what do I know? Part-way through the back I came to realize that the sweater was going to be huge. I had done a gauge swatch but thought that maybe I was knitting too big. Resigned I decided to keep knitting the sweater even though it didn’t have a prayer of fitting Charlie this Christmas. I decided to follow the directions for the 12 month size but knit the lengths for the 1-2 year size. At that point I figured I hadn’t done a proper gauge, which is why the cardi width was so big. Imagine my surprise after doing the stockette section to find out that the gauge in stockette was dead on.

The arms were really weird as well because instead of gently increasing to the underarm they increased really quickly so they have this weird boxy shape. I don’t know maybe it is easier to get a child in and out of this style of sleeve. The sleeves themselves though are huge!

Cardigan sleeve view.

Anyhow carrying on I finished sewing the pieces together and then went on to crochet around the neck/front edge. Word of warning about this yarn if you ever want to use it for crocheting – don’t. It splits something terrible. I tried to follow the directions for the picot edging but it was next to impossible and the yarn was distorting the button band because the pattern worked up too thick. I decided to do my own version of edging,it looks good and takes less work.

Button band, knit on a size smaller needles because I didn’t have that size and I’m glad that I did.

Neck with my own edging.

Then remained sewing the buttons on and finally all done. Opinion – sweater looks cute but the creation was angst ridden not knowing if I should change up the pattern and do my own thing. I guess others would take this in stride but I like following a pattern and not having to worry about whether or not the item I’m making will turn out all right.

I think the next baby item I make I’ll be doing the math and the gauges and comparing those to the actual child. I should have measured up Charlie and realized that the 12 month size wasn’t going to fit and won’t fit for probably another year.