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Boxing Day Yarn

I am happy, happy, happy!

Today I went out at 7:45 a.m. to hit up Michaels and take advantage of their boxing day specials. I might not have bothered except Linda had given me a gift card for sewing up the aprons for Charlie’s birthday party so I wanted to make good use of the card because Michaels had 25% off the order including sale items.

A friend on Ravelry had pointed out that the bags of Kroy sock yarn were being advertised and even though our store had sold out I was hoping that they had brought more in for the sale and they had.

They had some really nice colours as well so I bought most of them thinking of my dad who wants more socks. There were a few pretty ones for me as well.

I also scored on some storage totes, which by the time I paid for them ended up being 75% off so five dollars and change for each tote. I’d bought a couple of these totes last time there was a big sale and I really love how they hold the smaller balls of yarn and the totes are easy to handle in and out of the closet.

Bought some gift wrap for future Christmases and then some Vanna’s choice because Charlie needs a new hat and mitts so also bought the little pattern book as well.

All told an excellent haul. I figured with the sale bags and discounts on everything and the taxes I didn’t pay I ended up saving $364.33 over regular prices. Not bad indeed.

Kroy socks 1
Kroy socks

Kroy socks 2
More Kroy socks

Vanna's Choice
Vanna’s Choice yarn

storage closet
Storage closet with totes

storage totes
Storage totes stacked. These totes are scrapbooking totes, I guess for paper. They work well with small balls of yarn.


More Socks

It’s been a busy summer this year with lots of vacation time but I’ve still managed to get a few projects done. I thought I would post a couple pairs of socks that I made just to show that I’m still alive and crafting.

Paton’s Kroy socks in Summer Moss jaquard.

Paton’s Kroy socks in Fern Rose Jaquard.

Both sets of socks are the basic 7-stitch sock from Ann Budd’s book “Getting Started: Knitting Socks”. So far I’ve only knit the basic pattern and one of these days maybe I’ll branch out into a different style but I’ve been knitting up the varigated sock yarn and I think if I knit a pattern then it would be lost in the colour so I’ll save the fancy stitching for the plainer colours.

I am thinking of knitting the next pair with some black sock yarn so I have a plain black heel and toe to give some variance to the coloured socks so we’ll see how that goes when I get there. Next on my list of knitting is a child’s Fair Isle sweater but I need to get some sewing done as well.