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Charm Square Skirt

I’m on the mailing list for Missouri Star Quilt Company to get the youtube tutorials that they put out. One of the latest ones that caught my eye was the Charm Square Skirt tutorial.

I decided to give it a go and make a skirt for Charlie out of one of my Aunt Grace charm packs. It was pretty easy to do the only problem I ran in to was that I started on the bottom tier first when I should maybe have done the two smaller tiers to check on the length. I ended up not putting on a yellow waistband and instead used the upper tier to make into the waistband casing instead.

I would have taken a picture of her but needless to say she didn’t want anything to do with the skirt, lol.

Charm square skirt



Charlie’s Dress

It’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged but I’ve been on a real reading jag and haven’t really done much in the way of crafting for the past two months. I decided to make Charlie a couple of dresses so bought two patterns on sale $1.99. Floored me that the regular price is $14.99 because you can almost go out and buy a dress for that price.

Anyhow picked out fabric then realized I needed lining and a zipper then all of a sudden my $1.99 dress had esculated up into the near $30 range and all I could think of was I definitely could have bought maybe two dresses for that price.

Started in on the dress and realized that although the dress didn’t seem that fussy to make it was. Sewing the dress also made me remember how much I hate sewing hence the long time in getting it done. Funny I don’t mind making quilts at all but sewing clothes I don’t really like even though I did it when I was younger. Sad thing is I have one more dress to make but the pattern is larger so I guess I can put that one off untill later.

New Look #6974 view B.

It would have been nice to have a picture with Charlie in it but she’s such a squirmer that I didn’t have the heart to try. Maybe I’ll get one later.


Finished Christmas Tree Skirt.

It’s been busy the past couple of weeks and more so the last couple of days as we hosted the dinner for a progressive supper our “two-by-two” group from church put on. Lots of cleaning and putting up of Christmas themed decorations.

We put up the tree and I put the Christmas tree skirt I finished last week under it. So glad that this UFO was finally done. It took longer than I thought it would and the machine quilting took longer as well. By contrast the bug jar quilt that I’m finishing the binding on only took one day of machine quilting. Anyway here it is:

Christmas tree skirt from the “Thimbleberries Book of Quilts” by Lynette Jensen.

The only difference between my finished quilt and hers was different fabric choices and I added on a circular piece of fabric to make the skirt bigger. The original pattern went to the scalloped edge. The binding of course took forever to sew down.

Skirt under the tree waiting for presents.

Next on the list is finishing the binding on the bug jar quilt and I hope to have that finished tomorrow so I can post a couple of pictures of that as well. Then it’s on to other projects, time is flying by and running out even though I still have most of December left it feels like it’s too late to get stuff done. Happens every year this deadline kind of feeling.