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Same Dye Different Effect….Snowdyeing

Well I finally got around to dyeing up a couple of pieces of material using snow. We have a swap coming up in March and since the weather has been all things weird I decided it’d probably be a good time to do it now while we still have some.

The material used was P&B dyer’s cloth and the size of the pieces were 1 yard each. I made up three different dyes using a strength ratio of 1 tablespoon of dye to 1 cup of water.

From Dharma:
1. Navy
2. Butterscotch
3. Burgundy

I used the same method of snow-dyeing that I always use – presoak material in soda ash, wring out and arrange tightly scrunched up on a rack in the sink. Layer about 4 inches of snow over top, apply dye and let melt. After the snow has melted I then put the material into a plastic shoebox container and float it in a sink of hot water for as many hours as I have patience to let it sit until I rinse and wash it out.

Snow-dyed fabric using Navy, Burgundy and Butterscotch from Dharma applied in a blob pattern to cover snow.

Closeup of an area of the above fabric.

I had some left over dye so thought I would try applying it in a spatter pattern over the snow. I didn’t bother taking any photos of this because I’ve already blogged it before but basically for the first piece I squirted out big blobs of dye onto the snow whereas on the second piece I just squirted lines of dye criss-crossing each other back and forth over the snow.

Snowdyed using Navy, Butterscotch and Burgundy in a random line pattern. There was a bit more burgundy left than the navy and butterscotch but this piece is mostly purple probably because the dye blended together better than the bigger blobs of dye in the first piece.

Closeup of one section of above material.

Nice fabric it always looks so good when it’s been snowdyed. It’s always hard to cut one of these pieces up because they look like a painting and it’s always better seeing all the different colours in the one piece. Might be interesting to try and make a Ricky Tims quilt out of one of them and see how it turns out.