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Summertime and Tie Dyes

I had a request from my son-in-law for a new tie-dye shirt for my grandson as he’d out-grown his so I dug out the blank shirts and got busy doing some dyeing over the past few days. Really it’s amazing how many white shirts I have squirreled away in the closet. This is the last of the child-sized shirts but I have plenty of adult ones left. So I’m just going to photo bomb the blog and then write down the dyes used to make the shirts.

Group of shots of some of the tie-dyes in bags on the sunny deck and front porch. Even though the day wasn’t that warm the sun did it’s job.

more tie-dye in bags

swirl shirt baking in sun

tie-dye in bags

tie-dyes cooking on front porch

tie-dye rainbow shirts davis family
Group of family rainbow spirals made with Light Red, Turquoise and Lemon Yellow.

Group shots of tie-dyes on drying rack on the deck.

tie dyes on rack 2

tie dyes on rack 3

tie dyes on rack 4

tie dyes on rack

Individual shirts:

boysenberry black eggplant spiral
Boysenberry, black and eggplant spiral.

boysenberry eggplant violet spiral tank
Boysenberry, violet and eggplant spiral tank.

caymen island blue onsie 1
Caymen island blue onesie.

family rainbow dyes
Family rainbow spirals, turquoise, lemon yellow, light red.

fuchia-grape spiral
Fuchsia and grape spiral.

pink heart purple onsie
Pink heart with turquoise outline and grape and violet onesie.

rainbow scrunch onsie 1
Rainbow scrunched onesie, turquoise, lemon yellow, light red.

toddler 4 scrunch top rainbow
Toddler size 4 scrunched tee, turquoise, lemon yellow, light red.

toddler 4 turquoise - green from turquoise plus yellow - black
Toddler size 4 made with turquoise, lemon yellow and black. Turquoise + lemon yellow gives the green.

toddler 6 fuchia yellow heart purple
Toddler size 6, fuchsia heart with lemon yellow outline and grape background.

toddler 6 rainbow spiral
Toddler size 6 rainbow spiral, turquoise, lemon yellow, light red.

toddler 6 turquoise over yellow vee 1
Toddler size 6 turquoise with lemon yellow vee design. The turquoise laid down first and the lemon yellow on top.

turquoise yellow spiral tank
Turquoise and lemon yellow tank.

youth small rainbow spiral
Youth size small rainbow spiral, turquoise, lemon yellow and light red.

youth small vee turquoise black red grape
Youth size small vee, turquoise, black, light red and grape.

youth small yellow with turquoise spiral
Youth size small, lemon yellow with turquoise spiral.

Lots of fun and colour. The dyes are still working after 8 years so I’m happy with that.