Brio – Frivol quilt by American Jane

Yesterday I finally finished the Frivol box kit by American Jane called Brio. This series of little tin boxes called Frivols were put out by Moda and contained a roll of 42 – 7″x 7″ fabrics by whichever designer was featured on the tin. American Jane is known for her bright retro fabrics that have a fun flair to them and I’m always drawn to her designs. The tin contained the fabric, quilt pattern (lap sized) and a frivol in this case a little metal tin. The fabric line used in the quilt is called Bread ‘n Butter.

I started the quilt kit months ago but with the excitement of Christmas and other assorted projects the finished top sat over the upstairs bannister waiting for the right time for me to quilt it. It’s a smaller lap quilt at a finished size of 48″ x 48″ but I think it will be perfect thrown over one of the recliners up at the new RV. The recliners came with the RV when we bought it last summer and they sit in the added day room. They’ve seen better days so I’m hoping this quilt will fit in and brighten the room with it’s cheery motifs.

The quilt is made up of nine Bear Paw blocks. I did a meander stitch inside each paw and then used the walking foot to sew in the ditch around each paw and the remaining block seams. I’m okay with the walking foot but maybe I need to revisit some tips on using it since the fabric seemed pulled a little I guess from the direction of the sewing. It’s not that noticeable just the perfectionist in me.

It an overcast day today so I needed the flash to take the pictures. Imagine the quilt being much brighter and cheerier and you’ve got the right impression. Of course I’m too impatient to wait for the sun to show up for a better picture. Done and blogged another project bites the dust, yeah!


3 responses to “Brio – Frivol quilt by American Jane

  1. It’s beautiful! I’m sure it will brighten up any room it’s put in.

  2. Beautiful 🙂 I loved the crocodile ❤

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