One More Pair…

Not much to blog about this time. I’ve been busy trying to get some stuff done for Christmas. I did finally get dad’s socks finished.

sock dec 2012
Ann Budd – “Knitting Socks, Getting Started” – Basic Socks pattern. The yarn is Paton’s Kroy FX – Clover.

It took me a couple of weeks to knit the socks (seemed like forever). Unfortunately I have developed quite a bad shoulder problem with rotator cuff pain so I have to knit for a bit then set the knitting aside and do something else. I’d had a sore shoulder for months but hadn’t gotten it checked out. The result was with the gear up for Christmas the pain got worse. I’ve been to the doctor and had x-rays and ultrasound done so now I have to wait and see what the results are and what can I do to help the shoulder heal (please don’t tell me no knitting).

I managed to get the quilt top for Chase pinned today and bought some matching thread so hopefully within a week’s time I’ll be able to show you a finished quilt. It’s got to be soon as I’m running out of time before Christmas. LOL, everything else has gone by the wayside, oh well “there’s always next year”.

It does occur to me as I type that I’m getting older and there may not “always be a next year”. Hmm, maybe I should have a goal of getting things done sooner rather than later.


One response to “One More Pair…

  1. Love Dad’s socks. The colours look wonderful. Hope the shoulder pain eases off and you are more comfortable. Why is it we always leave looking after ourselves until the last minute? Take care.

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