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Catching up…finished projects

It’s been more than a little while since I’ve posted here. Part of the problem is that I no longer use this computer and I’m on my tablet all the time. My tablet can’t download photos from my camera so I’ve slacked off a bit (well more than a bit). Another issue is I’ve been rather slack in the crafting department lately as well.

Here are a bunch of things that I’ve done since I last posted in October. The little animals are called amigurumi and I had a fun time crocheting them up for my granddaughter Kendal for Christmas. The two tie dyes are ice dyed and I made them up for my granddaughter Charlie and her friend. My son requested a hat and scarf for Christmas and lastly I thought I’d make a fun scarf for all four granddaughters with more to come in different colourways at a later time. The scarves and hat were made from Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick and Quick. Lovely yarn to knit up but nasty in that the balls have knots from being joined. The amigurumi were made from Paton’s Astra yarn.

Best friends rainbow ice dyes.

Close-up of back.

Back view.

Cat – Super-Super Easy Crochet by Brigitte Read

My favorite, crocodile (Super-Super Easy Crochet)

Peppa Pig

Robin, Super-Super Easy Crochet

Whale, Super-Super Easy Crochet

Dan’s hat Eagle bay hat

Dan’s scarf English Rib Scarf

Unice Unicorn hood I made it into a pony scarf as requested so left off the horn.

Heidi May is the designer and has some very nice patterns, check out her website. You can also order the patterns through Ravelry.

That’s all for now. I still have three scarfs to knit and I’ve also put together another Minions quilt that needs to be machine quilted and I’ve also finished another quilt top made from one of the box kits put out by Moda so it’ll probably be a few months before I get all those projects finished and posted as well.



Four-and-a-half-hour afghan

Snagged some Lion Brand Homespun at a really good price at a Michael’s sale so decided to make dad a lap throw for Christmas. I found the pattern online through Ravelry but it’s actually a free pattern through the Lion Brand website Four-and-a-half-hour afghan.

Of course the afghan took me longer than four and a half hours and I ended up using not six balls of yarn but all eight that I had orignally bought. I needed the extra two balls to get to the same size of throw that the pattern stated but the afghan is really stretchy so it’s possible you’d get the same size using six balls of Homespun. The yarn is crocheted using a size Q hook and two strands of yarn held together. I set the two balls of Homespun side by side in front of me on a chair and pulled the yarn from the inside of the balls so they wouldn’t roll around.

It took between two to three hours to crochet up a ball of yarn but I was working with a bum shoulder and a crappy plastic hook. The acrylic yarn likes to catch on the plastic so it slows you down a bit. The pattern is crochet a single stitch then a double stitch in the same hole then skip a stitch and repeat, dead easy. I really like how the afghan felt using the two strands of yarn. Very heavy, soft and sprongy, nice to cuddle up in.

four and a half hour afghan ocean homespunYarn is Lion Brand Homespun in the colour Ocean. Picture taken at night so it’s hard to see. Actually the yarn is multi-coloured so it’s various green, teal, purple and turquoise colours.

lap throw ocean homespun
John demoing the lap throw.

I’ve also crocheted up a couple more oven towels for Christmas. I have one here for display. There is a tutorial over under the tutorial side bar if anyone is interested.

oven towel christmas 2012
Christmas oven towel.


Chuga, chuga, choo, choo!

I’ve been working on my grandson’s quilt the last few days and thought I’d share the progress so far. I still have some checkerboard borders to sew and attach and then of course the actual quilting so I guess I’m only about 1/3 done so far but it’s been an easy sew to date.

Riding the Rails by Renae Lindgren for Wilmington Prints.

I also worked on November’s CAL blocks for my afghan. I only have December to do up and then I have to sew the squares together, a job I’m not looking forward too. I still don’t know whether or not I’m going to keep this one or give it away. I’ve put a lot of work into it and I’m not sure anyone else will appreciate the effort that’s gone into the afghan so I’m inclined to keep this one. Besides it matches my bedroom colours.

African star designed by Edith Smith.

Shining Star designed by Amelian Beebe.


More CAL Blocks

I’ve been busy trying to catch up on my crochet blocks and I now have them all done except the extra bonus block for October. If I do the bonus block then I’ll have 25 squares by December and that would make a 5X5 afghan so I’ll probably do it but maybe in a few days as I’ve wrecked my shoulder by crocheting so much.

I need to work on some quilting anyhow so it’s time for a break. I also have some crayon rolls planned for the grandkids. Now that I have grandchildren I can make these for myself and not give them away for charity. Should be fun with lots of bright colours.

Anyhow here are the next five blocks of the series.

In Treble by Julie Yeager.

Winter’s Lace by Teresa Kohlhoff.

Sweet Peas by Rebecca Bisbing.

Embracing Variety by Aurora Suominen/Ivory Herman.

The Crocodile Flower by Joyce Lewis.

All the blocks can be found on Ravelry.

My favourite block so far and by far the most difficult is the Crocodile Flower. This block took what seemed like forever – around 8 to 9 hours to work up. I started with the middle and then crocheted a frame around it. After finishing the frame I started in on the petals so the result is a 3-D effect and it’s very pretty.

Hard to believe that we are halfway through October and Christmas is looming closer and closer, only a couple months worth of time left to try and get some goodies made. Last Christmas the kids decided not to trade presents so I only have to worry about the grandkids so we’ll see how that works out. Hopefully you’ll see me posting lots of finished items in the upcoming two months.


More CAL blocks.

I’ve been very busy trying to catch up on all the blocks that I stopped crocheting since May. Anyway here are a few more.

Eight Pointed Flower by Julie Yeager.

Eyelet Lace byChris Simon.

Shape-Shifting by Aurora Suominen.

Crown Jewels by Melinda Miller.

Moroccan Tile by Nancy Fuller.

JulieAnny’s Stained Glass by Julie Yeager.

Windowpane by Chris Simon.

Guess it’s been a while, I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted all these in my blog. Not that it matters much but I needed some blog fodder and that’s what I’ve been working on in the last little while – that and the day to day stuff of living.

It’s coming up on Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend so since the odds are that I’m not going to be blogging before then I’d like to wish anyone who visits my blog a Happy Thanksgiving and all the warm blessings on you and your family that this time of year brings to mind. God Bless all.


March’s CAL Afghan Blocks

Here are the two blocks for the monthly CAL in Ravelry.

Here is the Double Treble Burst Square. Very nice, good instructions, easy block by Amelia Beebe.

Hint of Spring. The block needed steaming to get the middle to lie flat and the instructions weren’t that clear for the start of the rounds so there was some confusion on my part but I got through it with a little help from some photos one of the Ravelry members posted of the block. Unfortunately because the blue in the varigated yarn is so close to the solid blue the block looks a bit wonky but it is a nice block, by Sally Ives.


Drop in the Bucket

Finally finished the second 12-inch block for January:

This square is called Drop in the Bucket, created by Janie Herrin. I almost had it finished and then decided it was too ripply so I ripped it back to the centre medallion.

I recalled reading one of the moderator’s posts on Ravelry about how she modified the square to cut back on the ripple effect so I followed her suggestions. LOL, then I ended up steam-blocking the square to get it to 12 inches and because it was too tight, never win but it’s okay now 🙂





Sweet Petals

This year I’ve made a resolution to use “The Stash” so I’ve joined several groups on Ravelry to help me with that goal. One of the groups is the 2012 Crochet a Block a Month forum. Each month there are actually three blocks to crochet; one is a 6-inch block and the other two are 12-inch blocks. I’ve decided to go with the two 12-inch blocks so at the end of the year if I keep up I should have an afghan’s worth of blocks to put together.

I’ve had some yarn in my stash for a couple of years now (seems just like yesterday, I swear) that I bought while visiting our friends at their cottage, which just happens to be 10 minutes down the road from the Listowel Yarn Factory. Needless to say I like seeing them at their cottage.

To get the deals you usually have to buy by the bag or in multiples of three. I bought four bags of Paton Decor in Country Blue and Sweet Country Varigation.

Paton’s Decor Country Blue: 75% Acrylic / 25% Wool 100 gram ball, 192m/210yards.

Paton’s Decor Sweet Country Varigation: 75% Acrylic / 25% Wool 100 gram ball, 192m/210yards.

I have 12 balls of the blue and 12 balls of the varigated. I’m wishing I had some matching darker blue to go with it for a focal point but that would mean spending more money and buying more yarn and the idea is to use up yarn not buy more so I’ll stick with what I’ve got for now. I might go with another colour to join the squares we’ll see how it works out.

Anyhow the first 12-inch square is Pretty Petals by Melinda Miller, this is a variation on a square I did myself (quite common square) that I made into a full sized afghan and gave to Jen. Jen’s Afghan

Pretty Petals.

For some reason this square turned out wonky. It’s almost like the spiral effect you get in knitting when you’re knitting a tube. I don’t know why unless I needed to square up the flower petals somehow. The square actually sits perfectly flat and is square if you can avoid thinking it’s off kilter from the colours. Oh well three hours later I’m not ripping it out and it won’t be noticable when put in the afghan anyhow.

One more square and I’m done for the month. I’ve done not to badly to date. I finished Chase another earflap hat exactly the same as the previous one I made him. Apparently Jen says he will not wear anything else so I had left-over yarn so just knit another in a bigger size. 

Today I also managed to get some strips sewn for a quilt I am making for myself so three things in one day is pretty good. Now if I can only be this righteous every day I might get somewhere (or not vbg).



Crocheted Large Tote.

Yesterday I finished off the large tote I was making. I’d originally done this tote bag and given it to my friend Catherine as a surprise gift. I decided to crochet the bag again only this time making it with the original seven rows the pattern called for. I knew it would be big but it turned out even bigger than I expected.

Inga’s crocheted bag, pattern on Ravelry. Yarn handicrafter’s by Bernat.

Bag filled with various items.

I was originally going to use the bag for the grocery store but it’s so big that I wouldn’t be able to heft the groceries in it nor do I think the handles would be able to handle the stress put upon them. Instead I think I’ll just use it to store the extra yarn or unfinished quilts that are laying around the house. If I need a tote to take blankets somewhere then this will do the job. Too bad baby Chase wasn’t standing on his own because he’d probably fill up the bag just nicely and give size perspective to the photos vbg.


Crocheted Bag With Shibori Lining.

Back at the beginning of August I blogged about a technique called Kumo – spider web – shibori and mentioned I was going to use the fabric in a project. The link is here: Spider Web Shibori to see the fabric.

I didn’t want to post a picture of my project because it was a gift for a friend overseas and since she had given me the link for the bag I was afraid she would clue in as to who the gift was going to. Well my parcel finally made it to it’s recipient (only took 2-1/2 months) so now I can blog what I made.

This bag is from a pattern in Ravelry called Inga’s Crocheted Bag. I’d post a link but you have to be a member on Ravelry to be able to call it up so just type in “Inga’s Crocheted Bag” and you’ll pull up the pattern.

The neat thing about Ravelry is that once a pattern is out there people will post their finished project and talk about them so I was able to see all kinds of colourways and get hints about the bag which I put to good use. The originial pattern calls for a 7 row square but most thought this was too big so I only did five and some mentioned that the handles tended to stretch so I re-enforced the straps by weaving extra cotton into the stitches.

The lining was a bit tricky for me because I haven’t done this type of thing before but a couple of pictures on Ravelry helped to clue me in. I put in lining because I didn’t want anything to fall through the holes in the crocheted stitches.

Lining of tote bag
Inside of crocheted bag with Kumo shibori lining.

When the pieces are sewn together the bag turns out to be square.

Tote for Catherine
Bag hanging from cupboard door.

Anyhow glad that the bag finally made it’s way overseas to Australia, I was beginning to freak out that it had been lost.